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Wisconsin in the Civil War

Irish Private Snuffs Out Artillery Shell

During the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863, an Irishman of Company D, the 6th Wisconsin Infantry, casually extinguishes a burning fuse that lands among the troops.

An Irishman in Co. D of the Sixth when lying on the ground at the battle of Gettysburg happened to look up and saw a fuse shell coming along, bounding on the ground, fuse still burning. The boys around him began to scatter, making ready for the results, when he scraped up some mud from the ground and with this expression, "Boys, ten to one it don't bust," put out the fuse by throwing the mud upon it. Was that bravery?

Source: Aubery, Cullen B. "Echoes from the marches of the famous Iron Brigade: unwritten stories of that famous organization," page 50.

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Civil War soldier on the ground.
Civil War soldier on the ground.

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