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Historic Diaries: Floyd 1804

August 14, 1804

Editor's Note:

Corn was, in fact, a principal food source of the Omaha, though they typically left it to take care of itself while they hunted bison on the prairie. The expedition paused here while waiting for the 4 soldiers, a missing French engage, and the deserter, Reed, to catch up.

Tuesday August 14th
Lay by for ouer men How [whom] we had Sent after the Desarter on the 7th. thes Indians has not Live[d] at the town Sence the Smalipoks was so bad abut 4 years ago. thay Burnt thare town and onley live about it in the winter and in the Spring. Go all of them in the praries after the Buflow and dos not Return untill the fall, to meet the french traders. thay Rase no Corn nor aney thing excep Som times thay Rase Som Corn and then the Ottoe nation Comes and Cuts it Down while thay are in the praries.

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