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Historic Diaries: Floyd 1804

August 18, 1804

Editor's Note:

The following day, August 19, as the expedition approached modern Sioux City, Iowa, Floyd was "taken verry bad all at once with a Biliose Chorlick" according to Clark. The captains vainly attempted to treat his symptoms and on the 20th Private Whitehouse recorded that "Sergeant Charles Floyd expired directly after we landed. he was layed out in the most decent manner possble. we proceeded on to the first hills on N. S. where we halted and dug a Grave on the top of a round knob & buried the Desed [deceased] with the honours of war. the funeral Serrymony performed &c. we named this hill Sgt Floyd's Bluff we then proceeded on to a Creek on the Same Side which we named Sgt Floyds Creek."

Scholars today suspect from his symptoms that Floyd died from a ruptured appendix, which would have been fatal no matter where he was. For the history of what happened to his remains, see the site created by the national Lewis and Clark Bicentennial committee.

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Satturday augt 18th
ouer men Returnd and Brot with them the man and Brot with them the Grand Chief of the ottoes and 2 Loer ones and 6 youers [others ?] of thare nattion.

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