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Historic Diaries: Marsh, 1834

Approaching Rock Island

Editor's Note:

Davidson's: Given the estimate in tomorrow's entry that they were "sixty-four miles from Rock Island," Davidson's was perhaps near the modern Illinois state park called Mississippi Palisades, though the meandering and damming of the river make it impossible to precisely locate it. Mr. Davidson has not been identified.

professor: not a university instructor but rather a person who professed a belief in a certain creed

27th [June 1834]

Set out at the usual time but had not run far before it commenced raining and continued to most of the day. Thought much of the comfort which they enjoy who during such times have a convenient shelter etc. Altho I desire it, still I could cheerfully say the will of the Lord be done. I am willing to suffer, if I know my own heart, provided I can promote the Redeemer's cause...

After running about 35 miles we came to a small settlement and got a lodging place at a Mr. Davidson's. The family consisting of the old gentleman, his wife absent, and son, and a hired girl also; himself and wife professors in the Methodist Soc... Visited a family named Pierce, the father a Universalist. With this I conversed and afterwards gave some Tracts. The man in another family upon which I called not a professor, still acknowledged the importance of a religion.

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