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Historic Diaries: Marsh, 1834

Half-way to Phelps'

Editor's Note:

At the end of the third paragraph, several lines have been deeply scratched out as though Marsh later regretted something he wrote. You can see them here.

The Fretwell's have not been identified. Phelps' trading post was probably near modern Farmington, Iowa (map).

July 15th Tues.

Tues. Foul and rainy this morning. But after our usual devotions and taking a little refreshment we set out.

Considerable of rain [sic] fell during the forenoon, and my feet and legs were much wet, still I did not suffer from the cold.

During the A.M. lost our way and wandered round for some time, but at [last] we went out into a prairie and travelled on for a considerable distance, and along in the P.M. again found it and succeeded reaching the settlement on the Des Moines in good season… [see note at right]

Passed the night at a Mr. Fretwell’s where we breakfasted on our way up. Spoke to him and his companion in the evening while sitting under the arbor upon Joshua's resolution "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." With my remarks he appeared much pleased; he appeared to be quite an intelligent man and favorable to religion; still both himself and wife are strangers to it. Here we were treated with great hospitality and no charge was made for our entertainment.

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