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Historic Diaries: Marsh, 1834

Always the Missionary

Editor's Note:

The poor old woman, after losing her only son and being relegated to a primitive settlement on the edge of the wilderness, is lectured by sanctimonious young Rev. Marsh -- who had had no children at all, much less watched one die, and who was in the prime of life and health, despite his fixation on his digestive ailments. Luckily for her, he would soon leave for Appanoose's village.

22 July

Weather being very warm I did not accomplish much; felt some apprehensions lest I might not immediately recover.

Had some conversation with Mrs. Wells, Mrs. P's mother, and found her heart very much opposed to the sovereignty of God. She could not feel reconciled to God's righteous dispensation in taking away her only son, whom she idolised, and was all her dependance for a support. Said that God would do unjustly, if after all her trouble, she should be sent here, when she did not know that he had done anything very bad, & for which she deserved punishment. Respecting these mistakes & dangerous notions, I endeavored to enlighten her mind and show her the duty of immediate submission; still she appeared unmoved.

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