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Historic Diaries: Marsh, 1834

Another Sabbath Broken

Editor's Note:

Although Marsh was a less judgmental about Indians breaking the sabbath out of ignorance than he was about traders breaking it merely out of greed or disregard, his worldview could not embrace anything approaching the tolerance of a modern democratic society.

27th [July] Sabbath

Early this morn awoke and saw my Indn. making preparation to start. I thought of thy holy light, and the privileges enjoyed in places where the gospel is preached but I am now far from such places and privileges.

My company know not the Sab[bath] nor the necessity of keeping it, neither can I communicate to them any idea of it. May the day [that] springs from on high soon visit them, and may they see and enjoy the blessed gospel of Jesus. As soon as I could [make] ready and have a short season of prayer, they were to proceed on their way.

In the P.M. had a little thunder shower which obliged us to stop for a short time. The lightning and thunder in this region of country appear to be peculiar[ly] sharp and heavy. But the shower soon passed over and it was very warm after it. About 5 o'clock encamped for the night upon the bank of the river at low water.

Thus thought I at eve, another precious Sab[bath] passed. To many it has been a good day and long to be remembered, but to me the hours have been dull and passed away quite heavily. Nothing in particular has taken place this day. But soon, yes very soon, and I shall have passed all my Sabbaths here below. Others prepare not for that Sabbath where the assembly never breaks and the Sabbath never ends.

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