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Historic Diaries: Marsh, 1834

A Long-Awaited Church Service

Editor's Note:

Though Marsh was a sincere and dedicated missionary, he still felt most at home among fellow believers, and his relief at being back among Christians and attending Sunday service is obvious in this short entry.

Aug. 17th 1834

Sabbath. Arose about sunrise and had a season of devotion. Felt rather languid as the weather was very warm. Prepared to go out to the Bluff to preach. Went to my trunk to get some things which I had left in the store, and found it open and men transacting business as though it were a week day. Distributed a few tracts and left them. Rode with a young man William Mason, a member of the Reformed Baptist church, alias a Carmhellite, to the place of meeting. When we arrived found that another appointment had been given out by a Rev. Mr. Masson.

I felt that I had occasion for gratitude. That I here had one more privilege of meeting with the people of G. and uniting with them in the supplications and songs of praise to God, after having been deprived of the privilege for 3 Sabbaths, during which time I was either unwell or had been amongst the Indns.

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