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Historic Diaries: Marsh, 1834

By Steamboat to Rock Island

Editor's Note:

Rev. Marsh, after visiting the villages of Appenoose and Keokuck, is heading up the Mississippi River to Rock Island. After a stop there, he will head west one last time, to visit the village of Powesheik near modern Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

By this time in his trip, it must have been clear that neither the Sauk nor the Fox were likely to welcome a missionary and school in any of their villages.

Sat. [Aug.] 23rd

Weather cooler. Spent most of the day in writing. At eve. just as I was making calculations for spending the Sabbath at that place, saw the light of a steam boat and concluded to go on board.

About 8 o'clock it arrived and I bade the people adieu and went on board. Here met with a promiscuous company and amongst the rest L. [LeClair] the interpreter whom I employed at Appenooce's village on the Des Moines river, but in state of intoxication, and learnt from him that Appenooce was also on board but drunk. Was much disturbed during the night and slept but little.

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