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Historic Diaries: Marsh, 1834

Rock Island Again

Editor's Note:

Rock Island, its population, and its facilities are described in the entries for late June.

It's hard to miss the tone of resignation and discouragement appearing in the diary now that Rev. Marsh thinks his overtures have been spurned by the Sauk and Fox.

Sabbath [Aug.] 24th

Arose and found to my sorrow that we were out a considerable distance from Rock Island for I had expected to arrive early in the morning. Nothing was congenial with the Spirit of the Sabbath. I however distributed tracts amongst the passengers and others which were kindly received. After a chill, Appenooce the chief had become sobered so much as to be able to converse. He treated me very kindly, and invited me to go and sit with him. The boat proceeded very tardily and did not arrive at the Island until about noon. Here I found a great crowd of soldiers and others upon the bank.

Col. D[avenport] said he would invite me to take up quarters in his family but his wife was sick. At length I had my baggage conveyed to the agency house, where none but the clerk Smith resides. When I entered it, seeing what a change had so recently taken place, the change from the hurry and hustle of the steam boat to a place where no one dwelt and the idea that it was the holy Sabbath, and there were none then who properly regarded it, made a most melancholy impression upon my mind, and I long to find a place where congenial spirits might be found.

As soon as possible I left and went over to the main land but found they had no meeting, accordingly one was appointed at 5 o'clock, at which a few attended, as the notice was not general. Spoke from a part of the 3d chapter of the 2d Pet. and the people appeared very attentive. I brought to view the end of all things, and what manner of persons we therefore should be. O Lord, bless thine own word and may I and all be quickened by it,

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