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Historic Diaries: Marsh, 1834

Guarding Against Horse Thieves

Editor's Note:

Marsh and his companion are preparing to embark on the return trip to Rock Island and then home to Wisconsin.

Sabbath [Aug.] 31st.

Awoke this morning in health and felt a desire to keep the Sabbath as God had commanded and not profane it by traveling, although my interpreter Joseph Gore was very anxious to go on to the trading-post. But I felt as though providence had brought me there and I ought to stay.

Heard by a friendly chief belonging to some Winnebago lodges at some distance, that a young man was going to leave that night and intended to steal a horse. The Indns. said that these Winnebagoes had often been caught trying to steal their horses and if he came they should kill him. Accordingly, all of the horses in the neighborhood were brought up and tied, and for fear that mine might be taken I watched them all night. Nothing however was heard or seen of the Win. thief and I was glad, as there would have been trouble had he come and been caught, as they regarded their horses more than the life of a fellow creature.

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