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Historic Diaries: Marsh, 1834

Religion in Galena

Editor's Note:

Rev. Marsh was so delighted to be back among his own kind -- pious Christians -- that the pages of this entry are written rapidly in a large, flowing, energetic hand.

The various parishioners and the minister, Rev. R., have not been identified.

Sab. [Sept.] 7th

Early this morning arrived at Galena.

After securing my baggage called upon the Rev. R. and was very cordially received. At nine o'clock the bell rang for the S[unday] S[service]. Soon I was invited to go in. Here I found 30 or 40 interesting children present with their teachers. Mr. R. is Supt. and most of the teachers professors of religion. There is a library connected with the school and it has lately received a donation from two Sab. Schools in Mass., [illegible] and Groton. The school meet[s] twice on the Sab[bath] in the morning and at noon.

At half past ten the bell rang for meeting. The first time I had heard the sound of the church-going bell for more than two years. Surely it is a privilege to meet with the children of God and unite with them in the worship of God in the Sanctuary. Mr R. took his text in John 7:51: "Hereafter ye shall see the angels of God ascending and descending etc." He considered the word translated hereafter as not happily chosen but would have been better to be translated as henceforth.

Distance from Galena to Mineral Point 40 m., from Galena to Gratiot's Grove, 15 miles...

In the P.M. I preached from I Pet. 4:18: "If the righteous scarcely be saved etc." Not quite as large audience as in the A.M.

After meeting I called to see two sick women with Mr H. The one, a Mrs. Dunbar, was convalescent and appeared also in an interesting state of mind. Said that she had tried to give herself up to God but it seemed as though her heart did not yield. Attended prayer and left her.

We then called upon another woman a Mrs. McGinnis, who was in great distress, as the typhus fever was just setting in. She appeared quite insensible of her situation as a sinner out of the L[ord] and said that she did not know that she had ever done anything wrong. I told her respecting her lost condition by nature and directed her to look to Jesus Christ. After this we prayed with her and left.

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