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Historic Diaries: Marsh, 1834

On the Road to Dodgeville

Editor's Note:

The people named in this entry have not been identified. The disease was cholera, which was sweeping through the Great Lakes ports. Although Rev. Marsh did not know it, the governor of Michigan Territory (including Wisconsin at the time), George B. Porter, had died of the disease at Detroit on July 7, 1834. Marsh was naturally concerned that it might spread as far west as Green Bay and then to his little congregation at Kaukauna.

[Sept] 14th Sab[bath]

Set out at the usual time in company with Mr. and Mrs. M. to go to Dodgeville, about 4 miles distant. Here was introduced to a Capt. Henry and his lady, the latter a professor of religion and apparently a very good woman. Capt. H. also treated with great kindness and appeared to be a very gentlemanly man. manly man. He had of late returned from N. York via Green Bay. He informed me that it was very sickly in Detroit and Buffalo. In D. Gen Larned had died about the time he was there.

Received of Mr. D. B. Whitney five dollars in part on an order of 30 dollars. Rcvd. also one dollar for National Preacher to be forwarded to Dodgeville Iowa Co.

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