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Historic Diaries: Emily Quiner, 1863

Aug. 20, 1863: More Soldiers Depart

Editor's Note:

Since the battle of Gettysburg and the surrender of Vicksburg early in July, military affairs had been comparatively quiet, especially in the West. Most of the Union soldiers recuperating at the Gayoso had been sent home on furlough or transferred. For the next few days, Emily found time for recreation rather than treatment and consolation.

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Thursday 21st [20th]

To my great surprise and also very much to theirs, five of our convalescents received furloughs and started home today, this leaves us only 7 men in the ward beside the nurses. I am glad to see them go home because it is so much better for them, but I do not expect ever to see them again and it makes me feel sad to say good bye to those who have been with me so long.

Mrs. Brake, Dr. Nelson and I went to walk after tea. We started to see a cotton field, but it got so late before we came to it that we concluded to defer seeing it to some other time and start earlier. Stopped at the Church Hospital when we came back.

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