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Historic Diaries: Emily Quiner, 1863

Aug. 24, 1863: Decorating Her Ward Before Departing

Editor's Note:

The occasion for the special decorations and ceremonies has not been discovered.

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Monday 24th

At home all day making wreaths of evergreens for my ward. A young sergeant of the Guard by the name of Andrews helped me. He is quite a fine fellow and I liked him very much. I have seen him a good many times before, he made two or three large wreaths for me and helped the boys put them up. I worked all day and with the assistance of the Ward Master and the boys, the ward was trimmed beautifully, everybody said it was the prettiest in the building. We had some flags, and mottoes and I think it was a perfect success. Lou & Jennie went out riding with Mr. Cotton & Mr. Twill and I having company remained at home, George Wicks spent the evening with me, and also Mr. Wardrobe. Dr. Nelson came in and staid an hour or so. I spent a very pleasant evening.

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