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Historic Diaries: Emily Quiner, 1863

Aug. 26, 1863: Homeward Bound

Editor's Note:

Fort Pillow: See Emily's entry for July 4, 1863

"took my journal...": Emily's comment here suggests that she had been making random notes and scraps throughout the summer, and only on her return voyage copied them into her journal volume. You can see that volume by clicking the link below.

"sick soldiers on board": Emily continued her nursing work even on the voayge home.

View Emily's entire diary at Turning Points in Wisconsin History.

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Wednesday 26th

Rose early after a good night's rest and after dressing, finding no one in the cabin, went out upon the guard. It was very cold. We passed Fort Pillow in the night. After breakfast I read a short time and then took my journal, which I had not had an opportunity to write up from my notes before. I wrote all the forenoon. The girls and Mrs. Brake went to sleep. In the afternoon we went out on deck and staid for some time. I read some, and wrote some. Mrs. Brake, Charley and I went on deck after supper and saw them take on a load of bags, it was beautiful moonlight but very cold. Retired early. Major Rusk and Captain Berry of the 25th are going up with us. There are two or three very sick soldiers on board, whom we went to see.

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