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Historic Diaries: Emily Quiner, 1863

Aug. 28, 1863: Centralia to Chicago to Madison

Editor's Note:

Dean: No Private Dean from Madison is listed in the Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers but this may have been Pvt. Charles A. Dean, whose enlistment was credited to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He served as a surgeon's assistant in the 4th Cavalry throughout the lower Mississippi Valley.

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Friday 28th

Rose early this morning after a passable night's rest, dressed as well as the motion of the cars would allow and went into the other car. It is very cold indeed, not much like the weather we have been having in Memphis. Got into Chicago behind time so much so as to be obliged to take our seats in the cars immediately, could not wait for breakfast, but Mr. & Mrs. Fuller at Chicago coming to M., also several other Madison men, Pvt. Dean among them. Did not feel very well today, owing somewhat to not having had my regular breakfast and somewhat to fatigue.

Arrived at Madison at three o'clock P.M., not having stopped since we left Chicago. It rained heavily, but this was the best looking place I had seen for some time. Folks all glad to see me of course. Alice & Charley were in the country so that I did not see them. Pa was very much relieved and I guess a little surprised to see me at home safe again. They are all unwilling to have me go back. Several friends came in to see me tonight. I was very tired and went to bed early.

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