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Historic Diaries: Emily Quiner, 1863

Sept. 26, 1863: Familial Opposition

Editor's Note:

After four weeks of trying to make arrangements, Emily is discouraged about her likelihood of returning to Memphis. Not only are practical matters difficult, but her family is united against her. Her father has asked her to stay in Madison and help him finish his history of Wisconsin troops during the war.

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At home until four o'clock, then went up to see the Governor. I wished to find out whether or not he would give us transportation if we should not obtain it of Gen. Pope. He told me that as soon as he received an answer from Pope, yes or no, he would consider the matter. I am very much disappointed but I am afraid we shall be obliged to make up our minds to stay at home. Pa does not wish me to go and all the family unite in hoping that we shall not get transportation. I am going to commence going to school Monday, that is in the forenoon and am going to write upon Pa's History in the afternoon. If anything happens to make it convenient for me to go to Memphis, I shall go, however. I went up to Sarah Tanner's, found Addie Parfle there, staid to tea. The girls came down to choir meeting in the evening.

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