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Dictionary of Wisconsin History — Abbreviations

A.A.U.W. American Assoc. of University Women
adv. advisory
ante "before", that is, a previous entry in the Dictionary
assn. association
b. born
bd. board
biog. biographical
Blue Book Official government manual published for use of legislators
c. h. court house, or county seat
chm. chairman
chp. chairperson
co. county, or company
com. committee
conf. conference
def. defense
Dem. Democrat
dir. Director(s)
ed. editor
exec. executive
Fr. French
inst. institute
jt. joint
L Lake
legis. legislature, or legislative
mbr. member
ms(s) Manuscript(s)
no. north, or number
NRA National Rifle Assoc.
p. page
p. o. post office
p. v. post village
post. "after", that is, a subsequent entry in the Dictionary
pr Prairie
pres. president
ptd. printed
q.v. "quod vide" or "which see"; this term is also included in the Dictionary
r river
Rep. Republican
secy secretary
spec. special
supt. superintendent
t town
v village
vol. volume
W.P.A. Works Progress Administration
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