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Term: Steinmetz, Donald W. 1924

Definition: Born Milwaukee, September 19, 1924; married; 5 children. B.A. UW-Madison 1949; J.D. 1951; Natl. College of State Judiciary 1966. Former practicing attorney; claims attorney and examiner 1951-58; teacher, Wis. Jud. College 1974-78. WW II vet.; served in Air Force 1943-45. Member: State Bar of Wis.; Amer. Judicature Soc.; Inst. of Jud. Admin.; Amer. Legion. Served on Wis. Council on Criminal Justice and State Court Reporters Compensation and Qualifications Com. 1979; State Admin. Com. on Courts 1976-79; Chief Judge Study Com. 1974-75; Jud. Election and Selection Com. 1967-68; Com. to Recommend Rules on Use of Sound Camera Equip. in the Courtroom 1969-70; Jud. Code of Ethics Com. 1973-74; State Jud. Planning Com. 1977; Career Criminal Com. (chp. 1977); Crim. Jury Instructions Com.; Vol. Assn. of Trial Judges (exec. bd. 1979-80); Bd. of Milw. Co. Judges, Civil Div. (chp. 1969); Court Admin. Com. 1968; Milw. Bd. of Judges (secy., exec. bd. 1967-70); Wis. Bd. of Co. Judges (chp. 1978, also secy., vice chp.); St. Bd. of Criminal Court Judges (pgm. chp., secy., treas. 1977-78); Deputy Presiding Judge, Milw. Co. 1977-78. Author of "Disparity in Sentencing" in Trial Judges' Journal, January 1968; Judges Bench Book-Paternity. Milw. Co. Ct. judge 1966-78; Milw. Co. Circuit Ct. judge 1978-80; spec. asst., Wis. attorney general 1965; Milw. Co. first asst. district attorney 1960-65; Milw. asst. city attorney 1958-60. Elected to Supreme Court 1980; reelected 1990. Member: Wis. Jud. Council (Supreme Ct. designee) 1988-92. (Blue Book 1999-2000)

[Source: Blue book]
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