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Dictionary of Wisconsin History

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Term: Wisconsin Dairymen's Association


"This association was organized Feb. 15, 1872, at Watertown, by seven men Chester Hagen, Lagoda; H. S. Dousman, Waukesha county; Stephen and Alpheus D. Faville and H. C. Drake, all of Lake Mills; Walter S. Green of Milford, and W. D. Hoard of Fort Atkinson. The association aimed directly at the improvement of dairy products and the promotion along safe lines of the dairy industry. In 1872 there were but 40 cheese factories in the state; now there are 2,000; then, there were no creameries; now there are more than 1,000, besides hundreds of private creameries; then the value of the annual dairy product did not exceed $1,000,000; now it is upward of $55,000,000."

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[Source: Wisconsin: comprising sketches of counties, towns, events, institutions, and persons, arranged in cyclopedic form, ed. by Ex-Gov. Geo. W. Peck (Madison, Wis., Western Historical Association, 1906). ]
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