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See separate entries on the wrecks of the Phoenix (1847), Niagara (1856) and Lady Elgin (1860).

In 1856, the packet Toledo, at dock in Port Washington's harbor, was dashed to pieces in a sudden storm. Only two of the 80 persons on board escaped. Other famous lake tragedies include the steamer Sea Bird, which left Milwaukee on the morning of April 9, 1868, and burned to the water's edge a few miles out of port with about 70 lost; the side-wheeler, Alpena which floundered in a terrific gale, October 16, 1880, and disappeared with every soul on board; Vernon, October 29, 1887, 35 lost; Chicora, January 21, 1893, 27 lost; car ferry Pere Marquette No. 18, September 9, 1910, 33 lost; and the steamer Superior-ME, August 20, 1920, with 35 lost. A gigantic storm on Lakes Huron, Superior and Ontario, November 9-11, 1913, saw 17 vessels sunk or run aground (244 lives lost). A series of storms in September and October, 1929, sank four sizeable vessels within 52 days with 104 fatalities. For a complete list of shipwrecks in Wisconsin waters and details on the ships involved, visit ourGreat Lakes Shipwreck'sWeb site at:

Here's a list of the best-known shipwrecks, each with a citation to a newspaper story describing it:

Floundered in storm on Lake Michigan, Oct. 16, 1880, with all on board lost, Sheboygan Daily Press, Oct. 15, 1932; Manitowoc Herald-News, Oct. 18, 1923.

Wreck of the Appomatox in 1905, in Milwaukee Journal, April 28, 1919.

Christopher Columbus:
Wrecked in 1917, in Milwaukee Journal, Apr. 13, 1917.

Wrecked in Dec., 1871, in Milwaukee Journal, (Green Sheet), Oct. 7-14, 1929.

Kate Kelly:
Wreck, in Racine Journal Times, Dec. 20, 1951.

Lady Elgin:
Wrecked off Winnetka, Ill., Sept. 8, 1860. Most of 300 lost were Milwaukeeans, in Frank Leslies Illustrated, Vol. 10 (Sept. 22, 1860); Milwaukee Sentinel, Sept. 9, 1860; Sheboygan Daily Press, Sept. 8, 1943; Milwaukee Journal, May 9, 1952.

Sunk in storm, 1886, in Superior Telegram, Oct. 15, 1913.

Wrecked, with all aboard lost, Nov., 1883, in Barfield Progress, Dec., 1926; Ashland Daily Press, March 7, 1935 and Jan. (or June) 2, 1935.

Milwaukee: Grand Trunk Carferry:
Wrecked Oct. 214, 1929, in Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 25, 1929.

Burned off Port Washington, Sept. 214, 1856, in Milwaukee Sentinel, Aug. 30, 1935; Milwaukee Journal, Oct. 1, 1931, Oct. 25, 1931, May 28, 1926.

Burned off Sheboygan, Nov. 21, 1847, in Wisconsin Magazine of History, March, 1924 (article by Wm. Van Eyck); Sheboygan Press, Aug. 25, 1916; Sheboygan Press-Telegram, Nov. 20, 1922; Wisconsin State Journal, April 6, 1924; Sheboygan Daily Press, Dec. 30, 1936.

Rouse Simmons: ("Christmas Tree Ship"):
In Kewaunee Enterprise, Dec. 22, 1949.

Sea Bird:
Burned to the water's edge a few hours out of Milwaukee, April. 9, 1868, in Milwaukee Daily Sentinel, April 10, 1868; Historical Messenger (Milwaukee Co. Hist. Soc., 1950), Series 6, #3.

Sunk Oct. 31, 1929, in Lake Michigan in collision with Marquette, in Milwaukee Sentinel, Dec. 14, 1929; Milwaukee Journal, Dec. 144 1929; Port Washington Herald, Dec. 18, 1929.

Wrecked in Port Washington harbor, Oct. 22, 1856, in Milwaukee Sentinel, Aug. 30, 1935; Milwaukee Journal, May 28, 1926, Oct. 1, 1931, Oct. 25, 1931.

Wrecked on Lake Michigan, Oct. 29, 1887, in Frank Leslie Illustrated, Vol. 65 (Nov. 12, 1887).

Woodruff :
Loss of bark, Woodruff, Nov. 1, 1878, in Sheboygan Press, Nov. 5, 1941.

[Source: WHS Library reference file]

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Birl (logging)
Birthplace of the American Water Spaniel (Historic
Black Earth, Dane Co.
Black Hawk War (1832)
Black River
Black River Falls [origin of place name]
Black River Falls, Jackson Co.
Black, Spencer 1950
Blake, Thomas E. 1902 - 1994
Blizzard of 1881
Bluffton, Marquette Co.
Boardman, Maj. Frederick A. (1832-1863)
bobstay (maritime)
Bois Brule River
boom (logging)
Borg, George M. (1934 - 1971)
Bovee, Marvin Henry 1827 - 1888
Bradford, Mary Davison 1856 - 1943
Brodhead, Edward Hallock 1809 - 1890
Brookfield [brief history]
Brooks, Peter Anthony 1893 - 1948
Brown, Neal 1856 - 1917
Bruce, William George 1856 - 1949
Brule River (northeastern Wisconsin)
Brule-St. Croix Portage (Historic Marker Erected 1
Brule-St. Croix Portage (Historic Marker Erected 1
Brule-St. Croix Waterway (Historic Marker Erected
Buffalo Lake, Marquette Co.
Bull Run, Second Battle of
Burchard, George Washington 1835 - 1921
Burlington [brief history]
Burnham, George 1816 - 1889
Burnham, Jonathan Levi 1818 - 1891
Butte des Morts Lake, Little [origin of place name
Cadle, Richard Fish 1796 - 1857
Calumet County [origin of place name]
Calvert, Walter B. 1904
camber (maritime)
Cameron, Howard W. 1915
canals in Wisconsin
Cascade, Village of, Sheboygan Co.
Castle Rock (Historic Marker Erected 1967)
Catfish River, Dane Co.
centerboard (maritime)
Centralia Pulp and Paper Mill (Historic Marker Ere
Chamberlin, Thomas Chrowder 1843 - 1928
Charneski, James R. 1935
Chase, Enoch 1809 - 1892
Chequamegon [origin of place name]
Chippewa County [origin of place name]
Chippewa Falls [brief history]
Chippewa River
Choate, Leander 1834 - 1909
Chore-boy (logging)
Christiana, Town of, Dane Co.
Christmas tree ship
Chynoweth, Mary Hayes (1825-1905)
Clam Falls [origin of place name]
Clarenbach, David E. 1953
Clearwater Lake, Oneida Co.
Clearwater [origin of place name]
Clearwater, Town of, Chippewa Co.
coaming (maritime)
Coe, Edwin Delos 1840 - 1909
cofering (mining)
Colby, Gardner 1810 - 1879
Cole Historic District (Historic Marker Erected 19
Coleman, Charles W.
combination (maritime)
Cramer, William Edward 1817 - 1905
Cranberry Culture (Historic Marker Erected 1958)
Crane, Frederika (1854-1930)
Crawford County
Crawford County [origin of place name]
Crawford, Thomas James 1952
Crelie, Joseph 1773 - 1866
Crex Meadows (Historic Marker Erected 1976)
Crib (logging)
Crib Disaster (Milwaukee)
crushing (mining)
Cut-away-dam (logging)
cutwater (maritime)
Cyrak, Mel J. 1936
Dane County [origin of place name]
Davidson, William Fuson ["Commodore"] 1825 - 1887
Davis, J. Mac 1952
De Pere, Brown Co.
Dead-head (logging)
Dean, Robert W. 1923
Deerfield, Village of, Dane Co.
Deitz (Dietz), John F. 1861 - 1924
Delafield Fish Hatchery (Historic Marker Erected 1
Delafield, Waukesha Co.
Delavan's Historic Brick Street (Historic Marker E
Derleth, August W. (1909-1971)(Historic Marker Ere
Devil's Lake, Sauk Co.
Devitt, James C. 1929
Dodge County [origin of place name]
Dodgeville, Iowa Co.
Door county [origin of place name]
Downtown Sheboygan Falls Historic District (Histor
Drummond's Island
Du Bay Trading Post (Historic Marker Erected 1962)
Duff, Marc C. 1961
Durham boat (maritime)
Dutch Gap Canal, Kenosha Co.
Eagle Diamond
Eau Claire County [origin of place name]
Eau Claire [origin of place name]
Eau Claire, Eau Claire Co.
Eau Claire, Town of, Eau Claire Co.
Edgar Sawyer House (Historic Marker Erected 1997)
Edgewater Beach, Brown Co.
Edgewater, Sawyer Co.
Edgewater, Town of, Sawyer Co.
Eldred, Anson 1820 - 1895
Ellenboro, Grant Co.
Ernst, August Frederic 1841 - 1924
Esterly, George 1809 - 1893
Everson, Harland E. 1917
Fairchild, Jairus Cassius 1801 - 1862
Fairwater [origin of place name]
Fairwater, Fond du Lac Co.
Fairwater, Village of, Fond du Lac Co.
Falk, Franz Lorenz 1824 - 1882
Fall River, Columbia Co.
Fall River, Village of, Columbia Co.
Falling Waters, Battle of
Farmington, Jefferson Co.
Farwell, Leonard James 1819 - 1889
Favill, Stephen 1823 - 1906
Faville, John 1847 - 1927
Fever River [origin of place name]
Fiedler, Otho August 1873 - 1948
fires in Wisconsin
First Kindergarten (Historic Marker Erected 1957)
Fischer, Daniel 1952
fish boil (food)
floods in Wisconsin
Flume (logging)
Fond du Lac County [origin of place name]
Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac Co.
Fort Miami
Foti, Steven M. 1958
Fountain Prairie, Town of, Columbia Co.
Fowler, Chester Almeron 1862 - 1948
Fox and Wisconsin River Improvement Company
Fox Lake (body of water), Dodge Co.
Fox River (SE Wisconsin and NE Illinois)
Fox-Irish Cemetery (Historic Marker Erected 1997)
Freethinkers in Wisconsin
Gangway (logging)
Garrison, Frank 1852 - 1905
Gentile League
Gill, Col. Charles R. (18301883)
Gogebic [origin of place name]
Gold Lake, Jefferson Co.
Goodrich, Patricia A. 1933
Grabner [Graebner], August Lawrence 1849 - 1904
Grandfather Bull Falls
Grant County [origin of place name]
Great Divide (Historic Marker Erected 1979)
Green Bay (body of water)
Green Bay [brief history]
Green Bay [origin of place name]
Green County [origin of place name]
Green Lake (body of water)
Green Lake County [origin of place name]
Green Lake [origin of place name]
Greenbush, Sheboygan Co.
Gronemus, Barbara 1931
ground swell (maritime)
grout (architecture)
Gunderson, Scott L. 1956
Gurley, Zenas Hovey 1801 - 1871
Hand-pike (logging)
Hang-up (logging)
Hansen, John R. 1917
Harper, Hugh A. 1885
Harsdorf, Sheila E. 1956
Hartford [brief history]
Hartland, Village of, Waukesha Co.
Hartland, Waukesha Co.
Haskins, Herbert Eugene 1869 - 1953
Hayward [brief history]
Hebl, Tom 1945
Helbach, David 1948
Hephner, Gervase A. 1936
Highway Marking (Historic Marker Erected 1956)
Historic Mineral Point (Historic Marker Erected 19
Holperin, James C. 1950
Holzhuber, Franz, 1826 - 1898
Honey Creek [origin of place name]
Honey Creek, Town of, Sauk Co.
Hooper, Moses 1835 - 1932
Horicon Marsh (Historic Marker Erected 1959)
Horicon [origin of place name]
Houdini, Harry 1874 - 1926
Hough, Maxine 1961
Huber, Gregory B. 1956
Hulce, Tom 1953 -
Hurricane, Grant Co.
Husting, Paul Oscar Adolph 1866 - 1917
Hyer, George 1819 - 1872
ice harvesting industry in wisconsin
Ice-guards (logging)
Ingram, Orrin Henry 1830 - 1918
International Style (architecture)
Iowa County [origin of place name]
Iron Ridge, Dodge Co.
Iron Ridge, Village of, Dodge Co.
Jahnke, Franklin M. 1900
Jamestown, Grant Co.
Janesville, Rock Co.
Jefferson County [origin of place name]
Jefferson, Jefferson Co.
John Muir Country (Historic Marker Erected 1969)
Johnson, Gary K. 1939
Johnson, Jay W. 1943
Johnson, John Anders 1832 - 1901
Johnson, Robert I. 1928
Johnson, Warren S. 1847 - 1911
Johnston, Robert G. 1957
Jones, George W. (1853 - 1935)
Jonson's Rapids
Joss, Adrian "Addie" (Historic Marker Erected 1986
Judd, Truman H. 1817 - 1884
Kading, Charles August 1874 - 1956
Kasten Jr., Robert W. 1942
Kaukauna [brief history]
Kaukauna, Outagamie Co.
Kedzie, Neal J. 1956
Keep, Albert 1826 - 1907
Kenongamong Lake, Racine Co.
Kenosha, Kenosha Co.
Kerkman, Samantha 1974
Kestell, Steve 1955
Kewaunee County [origin of place name]
Kewaunee River
Kewaunee [origin of place name]
Keyesville, Jefferson Co.
Kind, Ron 1963
King, Franklin Hiram 1848 - 1911
Kinsman, Delos Oscar 1868 - 1948
Knapp, John Holly [Jr.] 1825 - 1888
Knowles, Warren P. 1908
Koshkonong creek, Dane Co.
Koshkonong [origin of place name]
Kreul, Richard 1924
Kreuser, James E. 1961
La Crosse Boiling Water Reactor (Historic Marker E
La Crosse County
La Pointe, Ashland Co.
Labraugh Lake, Waukesha Co.
Lac Vieux Desert (Historic Marker Erected 1960)
Lady Elgin (shipwreck, 1860)
Lahontan, Baron, (Lom D'Arce De Lahontan, Louis Ar
Lake Delton [brief history]
Lake Delton, Sauk Co.
Lake Koshkonong, Jefferson Co.
Lake Maria, Election precinct of, Marquette Co.
Lake Mills, Jefferson Co.
Lake Pepin (Historic Marker Erected 1955)
Lake Ripley (body of water), Jefferson Co.
Lake Waubesa [origin of place name]
Lake Winnebago
Langlade County Forest: Wisconsin's First County F
Laper, Jr., Oscar A. 1915
Lawton, Barbara 1951
Lepak, David J. 1959
Lewis, Gov. James Taylor (1819-1904)
Lewiston, Columbia Co.
Little Bohemia raid
Little Green Lake, Marquette Co.
logging in Wisconsin
logmark (logging)
long lots
Longfellow's Madison Poem
Lorman, Barbara K. 1932
Lost Lake [origin of place name]
lumbering in Wisconsin
Lutherans in Wisconsin
Lyons, Walworth Co.
Mack, John Givan Davis 1867 - 1924
Madison, Dane Co.
Magnolia, Rock Co.
Magnolia, Town of, Rock Co.
Main, Angie Kumlien [Mary Angela (Kumlien) Main] 1
Manitowish Waters, Town of, Vilas Co.
Manitowish Waters, Vilas Co.
Manitowish [origin of place name]
Manitowoc County [origin of place name]
Manitowoc Submarines (Historic Marker Erected 1989
Manske, John T. 1952
manufacturing in Wisconsin
Manville, Charles Brayton 1834 - 1927
Mapes, David Parshall 1798 - 1890
Marin, Paul, 1692-1753
Marinette [brief history]
Marquette County [origin of place name]
Masonic Home (Historic Marker Erected 1958)
Mathews, Vincent R. 1912
Maunesha River
Maunesha [origin of place name]
Mauvaise River
Maxfield, John B. (1818-1906)
Mayville, Dodge Co.
Mazomanie (Historic Marker Erected 1996)
Mccarthy, Charles 1873 - 1921
Mead, Daniel Webster 1862 - 1948
Menard, Fr. Rene, 1605-1661
Menasha [brief history]
Menasha [origin of place name]
Menominee River
Menomonee Falls, Menomonee River
Merrill, Sherburn Sanborn 1818 - 1885
Merrimack [origin of place name]
Michigan Island [origin of place name]
Mill Bluff (HIstoric Marker Erected 1963)
Mills on the Creek (Historic Marker Erected 1997)
Milton House (HIstoric Marker Erected 1961)
Milwaukee & Watertown Railroad
Milwaukee and Rock River Canal
Milwaukee [brief history]
Mineral Point, Iowa Co.
Molinaro, George 1902
Monberg, Lawrence 1900 - 1983
Montello, Marquette Co.
Montgomery, Phil 1957
Monticello, Green Co.
Monticello, Village of, Green Co.
Moravians in Wisconsin
Morrison, Kathryn 1942
Moyer, Raymond J. 1926
Munts, Mary Lou 1924
Muscoda, Grant Co.
Muscoda, Village of, Grant Co.
Muskego [brief history]
Myhra, Norman L. 1925
Namekagon River (Historic Marker Erected 1967)
Namekagon-Court Oreilles Portage (Historic Marker
Nass, Stephen L. 1952
Nation's First Watershed Project (Historic Marker
Natural Bridge, Richland Co.
Neenah [brief history]
Neenah [origin of place name]
Neenah, Winnebago Co.
Nekoosa [origin of place name]
Neosho [origin of place name]
Nepeuskun, Town of, Winnebago Co.
Neshkoro [origin of place name]
Neshkoro, Marquette Co.
Neshkoro, Village of, Marquette Co.
Neshoto, Manitowoc Co. [origin of place name]
Neumann, Mark W. 1954
Niedecker, Lorine (1903-1970)(Historic Marker Erec
Niedecker, Lorine, 1903-1970
Nieman, Lucius William 1857 - 1935
Noonan, Josiah A. 1813 - 1882
North Hall (Historic Marker Erected 1974)
Northwest Portal of Wisconsin (Historic Marker Ere
Notestein, Barbara 1949
O'Plaine river
Oconomowoc [brief history]
Oconomowoc [origin of place name]
Oconomowoc, Waukesha Co.
Ocooch [origin of place name]
octagon (architecture)
Octagon House (Historic Marker Erected 1957)
oilcloth (Civil War)
Okauchee Lake
Old Muskego (Historic Marker Erected 1963)
Old North Point Water Tower (Historic Marker Erect
Olsen, Luther S. 1951
Omernick, Raymond J. 1923
Omro, Winnebago Co.
Onalaska [origin of place name]
Onion River, Sheboygan Co. [origin of place name]
Opitz, David W. 1945
Oregon, Dane Co.
Oregon, Village of, Dane Co.
Origin of Cedar Creek (Historic Marker Erected 199
Oshkosh [brief history]
Oshkosh, Winnebago Co.
Otsego [origin of place name]
Otterville [origin of place name]
Ourada, Thomas D. 1958
Outagamie County [origin of place name]
Packwaukee [origin of place name]
Packwaukee, Marquette Co.
Palmyra, Jefferson Co.
Palmyra, Village of, Jefferson Co.
Panyack Lake, Racine Co.
paper industry in Wisconsin
peavey (logging)
Peavey (logging)
Pecatonica River, Green Co. [origin of place name]
Peck, George Wilbur 1840 - 1916
Pembine [origin of place name]
Pere Marque'ite and Sieur Jolliet (Historic Marker
Perrot's Post (Historic Marker Erected 1963)
Pewaukee Lake, Waukesha Co.
Pewaukee [brief history]
Pewaukee, Village of, Waukesha Co.
Pewaukee, Waukesha Co.
Phillips Fire (Historic Marker Erected 1957)
Pike-pole (logging)
Pine River, Richland Co.
Pishtaka River, Racine Co. [origin of place name]
Plache, Kimberly M. 1961
Plainfield [origin of place name]
Plewa, John R. 1945
Point Basse (Historic Marker Erected 1963)
Port Washington [brief history]
Portage County [origin of place name]
Portage [brief history]
Portage [origin of place name]
Portage, Columbia Co.
Porter, Cloyd A. 1935
pottery and earthenware industry in Wisconsin
Powers, Mike 1962
Prairie Du Chien (Historic Marker erected 1962)
Pratt, Morris (1820-1902)
Presbyterians in Wisconsin
Puan, Puans, Puants
Quiner, Edwin Bryant (1816-1868)
Quiner, Emily (or Emelie) 1839 - 1919
Racine, Racine Co.
Radtke, Randall J. 1951
railroad disasters in Wisconsin
Randall, Clifford Ellsworth 1876 - 1934
Rapides des Peres - Voyageur Park (Historic Marker
Red Cedar River
Red River Campaign
Reed, Harrison 1813 - 1899
Rest Areas on the I-Roads (Historic Marker Erected
Richards, Jon 1963
Richland County
Ridgeway, Iowa Co.
Ridgeway, Town of, Iowa Co.
Rindisbacher, Peter 1806 - 1834
Ripon, Fond du Lac Co.
Risser, Fred 1927
Rochester, Village of, Racine Co.
Rock County [origin of place name]
Rock Lake, Jefferson Co.
Rock Mill (Historic Marker Erected 1998)
Rock River
Rock River Industry (Historic Marker Erected 1982)
Rocky Run, Columbia Co.
Roethe, Henry Edgar 1866 - 1939
Root River, Racine Co. [origin of place name]
Roshell, Marvin J. 1932
Rouse Simmons (ship)
Rum River (Minnesota)
Rutter (logging)
S.S. Meteor: Last of the Whalebacks (Historic Mar
Sacker (logging)
Salisbury, Rollin D. 1858 - 1922
Saratoga [origin of place name]
Sawyer, Philetus 1816 - 1900
Schaeffer, Jr., Frank E. 1905
Schandein, Emil 1840 - 1888
Schultz, Dale W. 1953
Schurz, Carl (1829-1906)
Schurz, Margarethe [Meyer] (Mrs. Carl Schurz) 1833
Schwefel, William S. 1902
Scott, Walter E. 1911 - 1983
scuppers (maritime)
sedimentary rocks (mining)
Seils-Sterling Circus (Historic Marker Erected 197
Sensenbrenner, Frank Jacob 1864 - 1952
Severance, Juliet H. 1833 - 1919
Shawano [brief history]
Sheboygan County [origin of place name]
Sheboygan River
Sheboygan [brief history]
shipbuilding in Wisconsin
shipwrecks in Wisconsin
shoot (rapids)
Shopiere [origin of place name]
Shopiere, Rock Co.
Shullsburg, Lafayette Co.
Shurbert, Floyd E. 1900
Side-jam (logging)
Sinipee, Grant Co.
Sinking of the Lady Elgin (Historic Marker Erected
Site of Fort St. Antoine 1686 (Historic Marker Ere
Slichter, Charles Sumner 1864 - 1946
Smith, Abraham Hyatt 1814 - 1892
socialism in Milwaukee
Soldiers Grove, Village of, Crawford Co.
Somers, Peter J. 1850 - 1924
Spider Lake, Town of, Vilas Co.
Spill-way (logging)
Spillner, Joan Wade 1962
split roof (architecture; logging)
Spring Water Township [origin of place name]
Springwater, Town of, Waushara Co.
Sprinkler (logging)
St. Croix County [origin of place name]
St. Croix River
St. Croix River (Historic Marker Erected 1956)
Stalbaum, Lynn E. 1920
Stalbaum, Merrill 1911
Stearns, John William 1839 - 1909
Stevens Point [brief history]
Stewart, James M. 1936
Stitt, Donald K. 1944
Stockbridge Indians
Stone, Jesse 1836 - 1902
Storrs Lake, Milton (Historic Marker Erected 1976)
Stoughton [brief history]
Stoughton, Dane Co.
Stretching Waters [origin of place name]
Sturgeon Bay (body of water)
Sturgeon Bay [brief history]
Sturgeon Falls, Menominee River
Sturtevant, John Loomis 1865 - 1939
Sugar Creek [origin of place name]
Summer White House - 1928 (Historic Marker Erected
Swan Lake
Swingle, Frank Bell 1874 - 1956
Tainter, Jeremiah Burnham 1836 - 1920
tank top (maritime)
Tanner, Herbert Battles 1859 - 1933
tanning and leather processing
The Battle of St. Croix Falls (Historic Marker Ere
The Coulee Region (Historic Marker Erected 1975)
The Lower Narrows (Historic Marker Erected 1996)
The McGilvray "Seven Bridges Road" (Historic Marke
The Name "Wisconsin" (Historic Marker Erected 1994
The Superior Entry (Historic Marker Erected 1976)
The Upper Mississippi (Historic Marker Erected 198
The Winnebago Trail (Historic Marker Erected 1978)
The Wisconsin River (Historic Marker Erected 1982)
Theno, Daniel U. 1947
Third Ward Fire: 1892 (Historic Marker Erected 199
Thomson, Vernon W. 1905
timeline of Wisconsin history, 1622-1699
timeline of Wisconsin history, 1700-1749
timeline of Wisconsin history, 1784-1835
timeline of Wisconsin history, 1836-1899
Tish-shar-gon Lake, Racine Co.
tornadoes in Wisconsin
Towns, Debi 1956
Trail Discovery (Historic Marker Erected 1998)
Treaty of 1825 (Prairie du Chien)
Trek Bicycle Corporation
Trempealeau County [origin of place name]
trunk (maritime)
Ulichny, Barbara L. 1947
Upham, William Henry 1841 - 1924
Upper Nations
Valentine, Richard 1847 - 1925
Van Gorden, Heron A. "Pink" 1926
Vandewalker, Nina Catherine 1857 - 1934
Vernon, Waukesha Co.
Vilas, Joseph, Jr. 1832 - 1905
Wackett, Byron F. 1912
Walker, George H. 1811 - 1866
Walworth County [origin of place name]
Warren, Earl W. 1902
Warren, Robert W. 1925
Washington County [origin of place name]
Waterbury, Jackson Co.
Waterford, Racine Co.
Waterford, Town of, Racine Co.
Waterford, Village of, Racine Co.
Waterloo Rifles (Civil War)
Waterloo [origin of place name]
Waterloo, Jefferson Co.
Waterloo, Town of, Grant Co.
Waterloo, Town of, Jefferson Co.
Waters, Wilmer R. 1914
waterspout (meteorology)
Watertown German Volunteers (Civil War)
Watertown Irish Company (Civil War)
Watertown Plank Road (Historic Marker Erected 1955
Watertown Rifles (Civil War)
Watertown [brief history]
Watertown [origin of place name]
Watertown, Jefferson Co.
Watertown, Town of, Jefferson Co.
Waterville, Town of, Pepin Co.
Waterville, Waukesha Co.
Waukau, Winnebago Co.
Waukeesha Lake, Racine Co.
Waukesha County [origin of place name]
Waukesha [brief history]
Waukesha, Waukesha Co.
Waupaca County [origin of place name]
Waupaca [brief history]
Wausau, Marathon Co.
Waushara, Town of, Waushara Co.
wear [weir] (farming)
Weblake [origin of place name]
Weeden, Timothy L. 1951
Welles, Edward Randolph 1830 - 1888
Wells, Daniel Jr. 1808 - 1902
Wesacota River
West Bend, Washington Co.
West, Edward 1818 - 1903
whey (farming)
White Oak Springs [origin of place name]
Whitewater (Civil War)
Whitewater Co. No. 3 (Civil War)
Whitewater [brief history]
Whitewater [origin of place name]
Whitewater, Town of, Walworth Co.
Whitewater, Walworth Co.
Whyte, William Foote 1851 - 1926
Wilcox, Ella Wheeler 1850 - 1919
Williams, Charles Grandison 1829 - 1892
Williams, Mary 1949
Wimmer, Joseph E. 1934
Wing-dam (logging)
Winnebago County [origin of place name]
Winnebago Lake [origin of place name]
Wisconsin Dairymen's Association
Wisconsin Rapids, Wood Co.
Wisconsin River
Wisconsin River Headwaters (Historic Marker Erecte
Wisconsin's Invisible Industry (Historic Marker Er
Wolf River
World's First Hydroelectric Central Station (Histo
WPA (in Wisconsin)
Wright, Albert Orville 1842 - 1905
Wyalusing, Grant Co.
Yahara River, Dane Co.
York, Dwight A. 1939
Zeidler, Carl Frederick 1908 - 1942
Zellinger, Vincent J. 1902

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