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Term: Bergh, Johan Arndt 1847 - 1927


Lutheran clergyman, author, b. Omark, Mellem Borgesyssel, Norway. He migrated to the U.S. in 1860 where he attended Augustana College, Ill. (1867-1869) and Augsburg Seminary, Wis. (C.T., 1869-1871). A Lutheran, he held pastorates in Fergus Falls, Minn. (1871-1877); Waterloo Ridge, Iowa (1877-1882); Luther Valley, Wis. (1882-1912); and Elliot, Ill. (1912-1916). An authority on Norwegian Church history, he was the author of Den Gamle og Nye Retning (1884); Hans Egede (1886); Livsbilleder fra Kirken i Norden (1888); Den Norsk Lutherske Kirke i Amerika (1906); and Den Norske Lutherske Kirkes Historic i Amerika (1914). Who's Who among Pastors in . . . Nor. Luth. Synods . . . (Minneapolis, 1928); Luther Valley . . . and Bergh Confirmation . . . (n.p. [1934?]); W. F. Brown, ed., Rock Co. (2 vols., Chicago, 1908); J. C. Jensson, Amer. Luth. Biog. (Milwaukee [1890]); O. N. Nelson, comp. and ed., Hist. of the Scandinavians .. . (2 vols., Minneapolis, 1893-1897).

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