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Term: Baker, Robert Hall 1839 - 1882

Definition: businessman, politician, b. Geneva. The son of Charles Minton Baker (q.v.), he was educated in the common schools, and attended Beloit College. Beginning his business career as a clerk in a Racine hardware store (1856), he joined J. I. Case & Co. (1860) as collecting agent. He became an equal partner in the business with J. I. Case (q.v.), Stephen Bull (q.v,), and M. B. Erskine (q.v.) in 1863, and retained his interest until his death. He also served in executive capacities with several mining and manufacturing establishments. Baker was elected school commissioner of Racine (1867), alderman (1868, 1871), and mayor (1874). A Republican, he served in the state senate (1873, 1875-1876), and was an unsuccessful candidate for lieutenant governor in 1873. Hist. of Racine and Kenosha Cos. (Chicago, 1879); Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 6, 1882; Coils. State Hist. Soc. Wis., 10 (1888); Racine Advocate, Oct. 5, 1882.

[Source: Dictionary of Wisconsin biography]
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