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Term: Brown, John Henryhobart 1831 - 1888


Episcopal bishop, b. New York City. He graduated from General Theological Seminary, New York City (1854) and Racine College (S.T.D., 1874). After becoming a priest in 1855, he was made rector of the Church of the Evangelists in New York City (1856). In 1868 he was secretary to the diocesan committee at the Albany convocation, and in 1878 was elected archdeacon of the Albany convocation. From 1863 to 1875 he was rector of St. John's Church in Cohoes, N.Y. In 1875 he was made the first bishop of the diocese of Fond du Lac, serving in this capacity until his death. His years of service as bishop were marked by vigorous efforts to establish schools, reduce church debts, and transform a frontier area into a strong and self-reliant diocese. WPA field notes; Fond du Lac Commonwealth, May 4, 11, 1888; [A. P. Curtiss], Hist. of the Diocese of Fond du Lac . . . [Fond du Lac, 1925].

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