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Term: Blackstock, Thomas M. 1834 - 1913


manufacturer, businessman, politician, b. County Armagh, Ireland. He migrated to Sheboygan in 1849 and later conducted a drug store for several years. In 1875 he helped to organize the Phoenix Chair Co. and served as its general manager (1876-1892) and president (1876-1913). He was active in executive capacities with the Wisconsin Manufacturers' Association and the Sheboygan Agricultural Society. In 1912 Blackstock founded the Sheboygan Industrial School (which later became the Sheboygan Vocational School). A Republican, he was state assemblyman (1869) and served as mayor of Sheboygan (1883-1885). Amer. Biog. . . . Cyclopedia, 44 (1931); C. Zillier, ed., Hist. of Sheboygan Co. (2 vols., Chicago, 1912); Sheboygan Telegram, Feb. 28, 1913.

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Blackstock, Thomas M. 1834 - 1913

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