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Term: Smithfield, Outagamie Co.


A settlement at the site of the modern village of Kimberly on the Fox River, where the "Big Orchard" group of Stockbridge and Brothertown Indians resided from 1830 to 1833. It was in township 21N18E in sec. 26, on a bluff on the south side of the river across from, and a mile west of, the modern village of Little Chute. It was abandoned when the Stockbridge moved to their new home on Lake Winnebago between 1832 and 1834.

Juliette Kinzie stopped there in July 1832 and left this description:

" the approach of evening the boat reached the settlement of the Waubanakees at the head of the Little Chute. These are the Stockbridge or Brothertown Indians, the remains of the old Mohicans, who had, a few years before, emigrated from Oneida County, in the State of New York, to a tract granted them by the United States, on the fertile banks of the Fox River. They had already cleared extensive openings in the forest, and built some substantial and comfortable houses near the banks of the river, which were here quite high, and covered for the most part with gigantic trees. It was determined to ask hospitality of these people, to the extent of borrowing a corner of their fire to boil our tea-kettle, and bake the short-cake which had been now, for nearly two days, our substitute for bread... The Waubanakees were so good as to lend us an iron bake-kettle, and superintend the cooking of our cake after Harry had carried it up to their dwelling. So kind and hospitable did they show themselves, that the crew of the boat took the resolution of asking a lodging on shore, by way of relief after their crowded quarters in the boat for the last three nights."

[Source: Kinzie, Juliette Augusta Magill, 1806-1870. Wau-bun, the Early Day in the Northwest (Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co., 1873): 329-330]

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