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Dictionary of Wisconsin History

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Term: Episcopals in Wisconsin

Definition: An autonomous branch of the fellowship of Anglican churches that is unique within Protestantism for its religious orders of monks and nuns. The Episcopal Church spread slowly westward because its organizational structure (state organizations giving way to dioceses) lacked the easy adaptability to frontier conditions. The formation of the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society in 1820 extended church work to the west. In 1835, Jackson Kemper became the Church's first missionary bishop, responsible for founding churches in the west: Wisconsin was added to his jurisdiction in 1838. Public services and an organized ministry were initiated in Wisconsin with the arrival of the Oneidas to the Duck Creek Reservation near Green Bay in 1822. The Duck Creek mission became the first known non-Catholic church in Wisconsin and it grew eventually to become the largest single Indian mission of the Episcopal Church in the nation. Further missionary work had begun in 1829 with the opening of a mission boarding school by Father Richard F. Cadle near Green Bay. Father Norman Nash led and organized the first white parish in 1826.  Between 1838 and 1847, Rev. Kemper made annual visits to Wisconsin to review and encourage Episcopal priests and missionaries at Green Bay, Duck Creek, and in the southwest. Father Cadle left Green Bay in 1837 and was a key figure in the development of the church in the southwest.  In 1847, Wisconsin had 969 Episcopalians. Kemper was elected Wisconsin Diocesan in 1848 and helped to establish the All Saints Cathedral in Milwaukee as the seat of central authority for the Church. He also worked to train young men for the missionary and in 1842, Nashotah House was built to provide a training facility for the priesthood.  Gustaf Unonius was Nashotah House's first graduate and the first Swedish Episcopal minister in the U.S. He helped to organize Scandinavian settlers in southeast Wisconsin. Under Kemper, Wisconsin was divided geographically into Convocations at Milwaukee, Fond du Lac, Madison, and La Crosse: today, Wisconsin has three dioceses at Eau Claire, Milwaukee, and Fond du Lac. Membership in the Church reached its peak in 1926.  Episcopalians are most numerous in urban areas, with highest concentrations in the eastern counties. 

[Source: Wisconsin's Cultural Resources Study Units, Wisconsin Historical Society]

56 records found

Earl, Anthony S. 1936
Earles, William Henry 1852 - 1908
Earling, Albert John 1848 - 1925
Early, Michael P. 1918
Earnest, James Harrison 1818 - 1900
Eastern Orthodox in Wisconsin
Eastman, Ben C. 1812 - 1856
Eastman, George Burden 1811 - 1892
Eastman, Seth 1808 - 1875
Eaton, Edward Dwight 1851 - 1942
Eaton, Samuel Witt 1820 - 1905
Edgerton, Benjamin Hyde 1811 - 1886
Edgerton, Elisha W. 1815 - 1904
Edwards, Benjamin Eugene 1845 - 1916
Edwards, Ira 1893 - 1943
Ehle, Ida Pope
Eielsen, Elling 1804 - 1883
Eikenberry, Jill 1947 -
Ekern, Herman Lewis 1872 - 1954
Ela, Richard Emerson 1812 - 1888
Elconin, Michael H. 1953
Eldred, Anson 1820 - 1895
Eldredge, Charles Augustus 1820 - 1896
Elfers, Earl H. 1913
Ellis, Albert Gallatin 1800 - 1885
Ellis, Michael G. 1941
Ellsworth, Lemuel 1836 - 1898
Ely, Richard Theodore 1854 - 1943
Emery, John Quincy 1843 - 1928
Enderis, Dorothy 1880 - 1952
Engeleiter, Susan Shannon 1952
Engelmann, Peter 1823 - 1874
English immigrants in Wisconsin
Episcopals in Wisconsin
Ernst, August Frederic 1841 - 1924
Erpenbach, Jon B. 1961
Erskine, Manessa Berthier 1819 - 1894
Esch, John Jacob 1861 - 1941
Eschweiler, Alexander Chadbourne 1865 - 1940
Eschweiler, Franz Chadbourne 1863 - 1929
Essie, Patrick 1953
Estabrook, Charles Edward 1847 - 1918
Estabrook, Experience 1813 - 1894
Esterly, George 1809 - 1893
Estonians in Wisconsin
Etherington, George, ca. 1722-1802.
Evangelicals in Wisconsin
Evans, Curtis Alban 1879 - 1947
Evans, Evan Alfred 1876 - 1948
Evans, Joseph Spragg 1875 - 1948
Everest, David Clark 1883 - 1955
Everett, Charles Horatio 1855 - 1947
Everson, Harland E. 1917
Evinrude, Ole 1877 - 1934
Evjue, William T., 1882-1970
Ewing, Mark Clayton 1869 - 1922

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