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Term: Burns, Timothy 1820 - 1853


politician, b. Dublin, Ireland. He migrated to the U.S. with his parents (1823) and settled in New York. In 1837 he moved to Iowa County where he worked as a miner, and in 1844 was elected sheriff. A Democrat, he served in the territorial lower house (1847, 1848) and in the state assembly (1849). In 1850 Burns moved to La Crosse where he had extensive real-estate interests. He was instrumental in platting the town site, became the first La Crosse judge, and served as a director of the La Crosse and Milwaukee R.R. In 1851 he was elected lieutenant governor of Wisconsin, and died while in office. A. H. Sanford, et aI., Hist. of La Crosse (La Crosse, 1951); La Crosse Democrat, Sept. 27, 1853; B. F. Bryant, ed., Memoirs of La Crosse Co. (Madison, 1907); J. G. Gregory, ed., W. Central Wis. (4 vols., Indianapolis, 1933); WPA field notes.

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