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Term: Heritage Hill State Park (Historic Marker Erected 1977)


2640 S. Webster Ave., Green Bay, Brown County

This park, built to portray and preserve Wisconsin's beginnings, is located on a site that is itself a part of history. On this 40 acre site stood Camp Smith -- a temporary location of Fort Howard -- part of the pioneer settlement known as Shantytown, and Wisconsin's first courthouse. Through this site passed the military road linking Fort Howard with Fort Winnebago at Portage and Fort Crawford at Prairie du Chien. Many of the buildings at Heritage Hill are original structures that were saved over the years by people of foresight and perseverance. Among these buildings are Henry Baird's law office, several original Fort Howard buildings, the Cotton House, a French fur trader's cabin, and the Tank cottage-Wisconsin's oldest standing house dating from 1776. The spread of civilization in Wisconsin was begun by the people who first made their homes here on the banks of the Fox River.

[Source: McBride, Sarah Davis. History Just Ahead (Madison:WHS, 1999).]

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566 records found

Haan, William George 1863 - 1924
Haas, Carl De 1816 - 1875
Haas, Francis Joseph 1889 - 1953
Haase, Robert D. 1923
habitant (Fr.)
hack (railroads)
Hackett, Town of, Price Co.
hackle (farming)
Hackley, Town of, Vilas Co.
Hadley, Jackson 1815 - 1867
Haevers Corners, Brown Co.
Hager City, Pierce Co.
Hagerman, James John 1838 - 1909
Hahn, Eugene 1929
Haight, Theron Wilber 1840 - 1913
Hainesville [origin of place name]
Halder, Marathon Co.
Haldimand, Frederick, 1718-1791
Hale Corner, Eau Claire Co.
Hale [origin of place name]
Hale, Town of, Trempealeau Co.
Hale, Trempealeau Co.
Hales Corners [origin of place name]
Hales Corners, Milwaukee Co.
Hales Corners, Village of, Milwaukee Co.
Half Moon Lake, Town of, Eau Claire Co.
Half Moon, Town of, Eau Claire Co.
half-timber (architecture)
Hall, Albert, 1881 - 1936
Hall, Arnold Bennett 1881 - 1936
Hall, Deirdre 1947 -
Hall, Sherman 1800 - 1879
Hallie, Chippewa Co.
Hallie, Town of, Chippewa Co.
Hallows, E. Harold 1904
Halsey, Town of, Marathon Co.
Hambrecht, George Philip 1871 - 1943
Hamburg, Marathon Co.
Hamburg, Town of, Marathon Co.
Hamburg, Town of, Vernon Co.
Hamilton Creek
Hamilton [origin of place name]
Hamilton's Diggings
Hamilton, Fond du Lac Co.
Hamilton, Gen. Charles Smith (1822-1891)
Hamilton, James Edward 1852 - 1940
Hamilton, Leo Richard 1927
Hamilton, Ozaukee Co.
Hamilton, Town of, Brown Co.
Hamilton, Town of, La Crosse Co.
Hamilton, William Stephen 1797 - 1850
Hamline [origin of place name]
Hammel, Town of, Taylor Co.
Hammond, St. Croix Co.
Hammond, Town of, St. Croix Co.
Hammond, Village of, St. Croix Co.
Hampden [origin of place name]
Hampden, Town of, Columbia Co.
Hamples Corner, Outagamie Co.
Hanaway, Donald J. 1933
Hanchett, Luther 1825 - 1862
Hancock, Town of, Waushara Co.
Hancock, Village of, Waushara Co.
Hancock, Waushara Co.
Hand holt (logging)
Hand-pike (logging)
Handley, John Joseph 1876 - 1941
Handrick, Joseph W. 1965
Handy-rod (logging)
Hanerville, Dane Co.
Haney [origin of place name]
Haney, Town of, Crawford Co.
Hang-up (logging)
hanging knees (maritime)
hank (maritime)
Hanks, Lucien Mason 1868 - 1950
Hanks, Stanley Charles 1872 - 1945
Hanley, Leo B. 1908
Hanley, Miles Lawrence 1893 - 1954
Hanna, Daniel D. 1923
Hannan, John Joseph 1866 - 1946
Hannibal, Taylor Co.
Hanover [origin of place name]
Hanover, Rock Co.
Hanover, Town of, Rock Co.
Hans Addition, Rock Co.
Hansen [origin of place name]
Hansen, Conner T. 1913
Hansen, Dave 1947
Hansen, John R. 1917
Hansen, Robert W. 1911
Hansen, Town of, Wood Co.
Hansen, William C. 1891
Hanson, Doris
Hanson, Magnus (1822-1881)
Haraszthy [De Moksca), Agoston 1812 - 1869
Harbor Springs, Winnebago Co.
Hard (money)
Hard-wood (logging)
Hardie, Keith 1910
Hardin, Town of, Marquette Co.
Harding, Town of, Lincoln Co.
Hardscrabble, Grant Co.
hardtack (Civil War)
Hardtack-outfit (logging)
Hardwood Island [origin of place name]
Harer, Robert W. 1941
Harmon (historical), Washburn Co.
Harmony Grove, Columbia Co.
Harmony Hill, Crawford Co.
Harmony, Marinette Co.
Harmony, Town of, Polk Co.
Harmony, Town of, Price Co.
Harmony, Town of, Rock Co.
Harmony, Town of, Vernon Co.
Harnack, Mildred Fish 1902-1943
Harnden, Henry 1823 - 1900
Harnischfeger, Henry 1855 - 1930
Harper, Cornelius Allen 1864 - 1951
Harper, Hugh A. 1885
Harriman, Col. Samuel (1826-1897)
Harrington, Timothy Louis 1866 - 1947
Harris Township [origin of place name]
Harris, Charles Kassell 1865 - 1930
Harris, Joseph Sr. 1813 - 1889
Harris, Town of, Marquette Co.
Harrison, Calumet Co.
Harrison, Lincoln Co.
Harrison, Mark Robert 1819 - 1894
Harrison, Town of, Burnett Co.
Harrison, Town of, Calumet Co.
Harrison, Town of, Grant Co.
Harrison, Town of, Lincoln Co.
Harrison, Town of, Marathon Co.
Harrison, Town of, Waupaca Co.
Harrisville, Marquette Co.
Harsdorf, Sheila E. 1956
Harshaw, Oneida Co.
Hart, Edwin Bret 1874 - 1953
Hartford [brief history]
Hartford [origin of place name]
Hartford, Town of, Washington Co.
Hartford, Washington Co.
Hartland [origin of place name]
Hartland, Town of, Pierce Co.
Hartland, Town of, Shawano Co.
Hartland, Village of, Waukesha Co.
Hartland, Waukesha Co.
Harvey Zouaves (Civil War)
Harvey, Cordelia (18241895)
Harvey, Cordelia (Historic Marker Erected 1991)
Harvey, Gov. Louis P. (1820-1862)
Harvey, Lorenzo Dow 1848 - 1922
Harwood, Frank James 1855 - 1940
Hasenohrl, Donald W. 1935
Haskell, Col. Frank A. (1828-1864)
Haskins, Charles H. 1830 - 1910
Haskins, Herbert Eugene 1869 - 1953
Hastings, Edwin George 1872 - 1953
Hastings, Samuel Dexter 1816 - 1903
hatch (maritime)
Hatchville, Dunn Co.
Hatfield, Jackson Co.
Hatlestad, Oil Jensen 1823 - 1892
Hatley, Marathon Co.
Hatley, Village of, Marathon Co.
Hatton (historical), Waupaca Co.
Hatton, William H. 1856 - 1937
Hauer, Sawyer Co.
Haugen, Barron Co.
Haugen, Nils Pederson 1849 - 1931
Haugen, Village of, Barron Co.
Haugh, Paul 1896
Hauke, Thomas A. 1938
haulm (farming)
Hauser, Jacob 1845 - 1931
Haven, Sheboygan Co.
Haven, Spencer 1868 - 1938
Haversack (Civil War)
Hawkins Corner, Pepin Co.
Hawkins, Rusk Co.
Hawkins, Town of, Rusk Co.
Hawkins, Village of, Rusk Co.
Hawley, Col. William (1824-1873)
hawsepipes (maritime)
hawser (maritime)
Hawthorne, Douglas Co.
Hawthorne, Town of, Douglas Co.
Hay Creek, Eau Claire Co.
Hay River, Town of, Dunn Co.
Hay Stack Corner, Sawyer Co.
Hayen, Sheboygan Co.
Hayes, Oconto Co.
Hayes, William Arthur 1866 - 1942
Hayton, Calumet Co.
Hayward [brief history]
Hayward [origin of place name]
Hayward, Sawyer Co.
Hayward, Town of, Sawyer Co.
Hazel Green [origin of place name]
Hazel Green, Grant Co.
Hazel Green, Town of, Grant Co.
Hazel Green, Village of, Grant Co.
Hazelhurst, Oneida Co.
Hazelhurst, Town of, Oneida Co.
Hazeltine [Haseltine], Ira Sherwin 1821 - 1899
Hazeltine, Mary Emogene 1868 - 1949
Hazelton, George Cochrane 1832 - 1922
Hazelton, Gerry Whiting 1829 - 1920
Hazelwood (Historic Marker Erected 1966)
Hazen, Chester 1824 - 1900
Head of Platte, Election precinct of, Grant Co.
headland (farming)
Heafford Junction, Lincoln Co.
Heart Prairie, Walworth Co.
Heath Mills, Jefferson Co.
Heath, Frederick Faries 1864 - 1954
heathery (farming)
Hebl, Tom 1945
Hebron, Jefferson Co.
Hebron, Town of, Jefferson Co.
Hecht, Ben 1894 - 1964
heel (maritime)
Heffernan, Nathan S. 1920
Heffron, Waushara Co.
Heg, Col. Hans Christian (1829-1863)
Heg, Even Hansen 1790 - 1850
Hegg [origin of place name]
Hegg, Trempealeau Co.
Heil, Julius Peter 1876 - 1949
Heileman, Gottlieb 1824 - 1878
Heine, Freidrich Wilhelm 1845 - 1921
Heinemann, Benjamin 1850 - 1919
Heinzen, Raymond F. 1918
Heiss, Michael 1818 - 1890
Helbach, David 1948
Held, James E. 1938
Helena, Census district of, Sauk Co.
Helena, Election precinct of, Iowa Co.
Helena, Iowa Co.
Helenville [origin of place name]
Helenville, Jefferson Co.
helm (maritime)
Helvetia, Town of, Waupaca Co.
Hematite, Florence Co.
Hemlock Island [origin of place name]
Hemlock, Clark Co.
Hemlock, Town of, Wood Co.
Hempsted, Henry N. 1830 - 1898
Hendee, Kirby 1923
Hendren, Town of, Clark Co.
Hengell, Henry Charles 1877 - 1937
Hennepin, Louis, 1640-1705?
Henni, John Martin 1805 - 1881
Henrietta (historical), Richland Co.
Henrietta, Town of, Richland Co.
Henry, Glenn L. 1921
Henry, Joseph, 1797-1878
Henry, Marguerite 1902 - 1997
Henry, William 1794 - 1853
Henry, William Arnon 1850 - 1932
Henrysville, Brown Co.
Hephner, Gervase A. 1936
Herbster, Bayfield Co.
Heritage Hill State Park (Historic Marker Erected
Herman Center, Dodge Co.
Herman [origin of place name]
Herman, Town of, Dodge Co.
Herman, Town of, Shawano Co.
Herman, Town of, Sheboygan Co.
Herold, Buffalo Co.
Herrington, La Crosse Co.
Hersey, St. Croix Co.
Hertel [origin of place name]
Hertel, Burnett Co.
Hewett, Town of, Clark Co.
Hewitt, Town of, Clark Co.
Hewitt, Town of, Marathon Co.
Hewitt, Village of, Wood Co.
Hewitt, Wood Co.
Hickory Corners, Oconto Co.
Hickory Grove, Grant Co.
Hickory Grove, Manitowoc Co.
Hickory Grove, Town of, Grant Co.
Hickory Hills, Dane Co.
Hicks, Emmett Reuben 1854 - 1925
Hicks, John 1847 - 1917
High Bridge [origin of place name]
High Bridge, Ashland Co.
High Cliff (historical), Calumet Co.
High Victorian (architecture)
Highground Veterans Memorial (Historic Marker Erec
Highland Beach, Calumet Co.
Highland Guards (Civil War)
Highland Park, Fond du Lac Co.
Highland Shore, Winnebago Co.
Highland Springs, Census district of, Dane Co.
Highland, Iowa Co.
Highland, Town of, Crawford Co.
Highland, Town of, Douglas Co.
Highland, Town of, Grant Co.
Highland, Town of, Iowa Co.
Highland, Village of, Iowa Co.
Highway Marking (Historic Marker Erected 1956)
Highwood, Dane Co.
Hilbert Junction, Calumet Co.
Hilbert, Calumet Co.
Hilbert, Village of, Calumet Co.
Hilburn, Walworth Co.
Hiles, Forest Co.
Hiles, George 1825 - 1896
Hiles, Town of, Forest Co.
Hiles, Town of, Wood Co.
Hill Point, Sauk Co.
Hill, Charles Lewis 1869 - 1957
Hill, Horatio 1815 - 1867
Hill, Rosa Minoka 1876 - 1952
Hill, Town of, Price Co.
Hill, Warren Brown 1861 - 1934
Hillcrest, Douglas Co.
Hillemann, Henry A. 1928
Hillsboro, Town of, Vernon Co.
Hillsboro, Vernon Co.
Hillsborough [origin of place name]
Hillsdale, Barron Co.
Hillsdale, Town of, Sauk Co.
Hillside Home School
Hillside, Dane Co.
Hilton Estates, Dane Co.
Hines, Douglas Co.
Hines, Edward 1863 - 1931
Hines, J.A. 1927
Hingham [origin of place name]
Hingham, Sheboygan Co.
Hinkfuss, Rosemary T. 1931
Hinkley, George Madison 1832 - 1905
Hintz, Oconto Co.
Hinz, Emil A. 1889
hip roof (architecture)
Hipke, Gilbert J. 1898
Hirshheimer, Albert 1840 - 1924
Hirst, Arthur Roscoe 1881 - 1932
Hispanic Americans in Wisconsin
Hisrich, Joseph C. 1942
Historic Cedarburg (Historic Marker Erected 1988)
Historic District Architecture (Historic Marker Er
Historic Mineral Point (Historic Marker Erected 19
Historic Oosterburg (Historic Marker Erected 1997)
Historic Thiemsville (Historic Marker Erected 1998
Hitt, Henry D. 1823 - 1907
hivernant (Fr.)
Hixon, Gideon Cooley 1826 - 1892
Hixon, Town of, Clark Co.
Hixson, Hiram Frank 1858 - 1894
Hixton, Jackson Co.
Hixton, Town of, Jackson Co.
Hixton, Village of, Jackson Co.
Ho-Chunk Indians
Ho-Chunk Treaty of 1837
Hoan, Daniel W., 1881-1961.
Hoard, Halbert Louis 1861 - 1933
Hoard, Town of, Clark Co.
Hoard, William Dempster 1836 - 1918
Hobart (historical), Town of, Brown Co.
Hobart, Brown Co.
Hobart, Col. Harrison C. (1815-1902)
Hobart, Town of, Brown Co.
Hobart, Village of, Brown Co.
Hobbins, Joseph 1816 - 1894
Hochheim, Dodge Co.
Hochkammer, Jon H. 1956
hock (farming)
Hodgson Guards (Civil War)
Hodgson, Albert James 1858 - 1943
Hoepkers Corners, Dane Co.
Hofa Park, Shawano Co.
Hoffman Corners, Dane Co.
Hogarty, Marathon Co.
hogger (railroads)
Hohlfeld, Alexander Rudolf 1865 - 1956
hoist (maritime)
Holcombe, Chippewa Co.
Holcombe, Town of, Chippewa Co.
hold (maritime)
Holiday Heights, La Crosse Co.
Holiday Hills, Rock Co.
Holland [origin of place name]
Holland, Brown Co.
Holland, Town of, Brown Co.
Holland, Town of, La Crosse Co.
Holland, Town of, Sheboygan Co.
Hollandale, Iowa Co.
Hollandale, Village of, Iowa Co.
Hollander, Walter G. 1896
Hollister, Langlade Co.
holm (farming)
Holmen, La Crosse Co.
Holmen, Village of, La Crosse Co.
Holmes, Frederick Lionel 1883 - 1946
Holocaust Survivors in Wisconsin
Holperin, James C. 1950
Holschbach, Vernon W. 1926
Holt & Balcom Logging Camp No. 1 (Historic Marker
Holt, Frank Oscar 1883 - 1948
Holt, Marathon Co.
Holt, William Arthur 1865 - 1953
Holton, Edward Dwight 1815 - 1892
Holton, Town of, Marathon Co.
Holts Landing, Ashland Co.
Holway, Town of, Taylor Co.
Holy Cross, Ozaukee Co.
Holy Hill
Holzhuber, Franz, 1826 - 1898
home front
Home of Governor Harvey (Historic Marker Erected 1
Homer, Grant Co.
Homestead Act (1862)
Homestead, Town of, Florence Co.
Homme, Even Johnson 1843 - 1903
Honadel, Mark R. 1956
Honey Creek [origin of place name]
Honey Creek, Town of, Sauk Co.
Honey Creek, Walworth Co.
Honey Lake, Racine Co.
Hooper, Jessie Annette Jack [Mrs. Ben Hooper] 1865
Hooper, Moses 1835 - 1932
Hoopers Mill, Jefferson Co.
Hoot-nanny (logging)
Hop Raising (Historic Marker Erected 1959)
Hope, Dane Co.
Hopewell (archaeology)
Hopkins, Benjamin Franklin 1829 - 1870
Hopkins, David R. 1938
Hopkins, James Campbell 1819 - 1877
Hopokoekau Beach, Fond du Lac Co.
hopper (farming)
Horicon Guards (Civil War)
Horicon Marsh (Historic Marker Erected 1959)
Horicon Marsh, or Lake
Horicon [origin of place name]
Horicon, Dodge Co.
Horlick, William 1846 - 1936
Horlicksville [origin of place name]
horn timber (maritime)
Horn, Frederick William 1815 - 1893
hornblende (mining)
Horner, John Scott 1802 - 1883
Horns Corners, Ozaukee Co.
Horse Creek, Polk Co.
Horseman, Barron Co.
horsepower (maritime)
Horton, Alonzo E. 1813 - 1909
Hortonia, Town of, Outagamie Co.
Hortonville Teachers' Strike
Hortonville, Outagamie Co.
Hortonville, Village of, Outagamie Co.
hot dish (food)
Hot-pond (logging)
Hotchkiss, William Otis 1878 - 1954
hotels in Wisconsin
Houdini, Harry 1874 - 1926
Hough, Maxine 1961
Houghton Point [origin of place name]
Houlton, St. Croix Co.
Houser, Walter L. 1855 - 1928
Hoven, Timothy T. 1963
How, Town of, Oconto Co.
How-Beckman Mill (Historic Marker Erected 1997)
Howard's Grove [origin of place name]
Howard, Brown Co.
Howard, Chippewa Co.
Howard, Town of, Brown Co.
Howard, Town of, Chippewa Co.
Howard, Town of, Oconto Co.
Howard, Town of, Sheboygan Co.
Howard, Village of, Brown Co.
Howards Grove, Sheboygan Co.
Howards Grove, Village of, Sheboygan Co.
Howe, James Henry 1827 - 1893
Howe, Timothy Otis 1816 - 1883
howitzer (Civil War)
Hoxie, Vinnie Ream 1847 - 1914
Hoy, Philo Romayne 1816 - 1892
Hoyme, Gjermund 1847 - 1902
Hoyt, Edith Evans [Mrs. Judson E.] 1862 - 1951
Hoyt, Iron Co.
Hoyt, John Wesley 1831 - 1912
Hub City, Richland Co.
Hubbard, Town of, Dodge Co.
Hubbard, Town of, Rusk Co.
Hubbell, Levi 1808 - 1876
Hubbleton, Jefferson Co.
Huber, Gregory B. 1956
Huber, Henry Allen 1869 - 1933
Hubertus, Washington Co.
Hubler, Mary 1952
Hudd, Thomas Richard 1835 - 1896
Hudnall, George B[Rinton?] Mcclellan 1864 - 1936
Hudson Bay Company
Hudson County Guards (Civil War)
Hudson [brief history]
Hudson [origin of place name]
Hudson, St. Croix Co.
Hudson, Town of, St. Croix Co.
Hudson, Town of, Walworth Co.
Huebsch, Michael D. 1964
Huebschmann, Franz 1817 - 1880
Huelsman, Joanne B. 1938
Hughes, Town of, Bayfield Co.
Hughey, Taylor Co.
Huibregtse, Harold F. 1907
Huilsburg [origin of place name]
Huilsburg, Dodge Co.
Hulce, Tom 1953 -
hull (maritime)
Hull [origin of place name]
Hull, Merlin 1870 - 1953
Hull, Town of, Marathon Co.
Hull, Town of, Portage Co.
Hulls Crossing, Sheboygan Co.
Hulst, Nelson Powell 1842 - 1923
Humbird, Clark Co.
Humboldt, Brown Co.
Humboldt, Town of, Brown Co.
Humphrey, George Colvin 1875 - 1947
Humphrey, Herman Leon 1830 - 1902
Hundertmark, Jean L. 1954
Hundred Associates, Company of.
Hundred Day Men
Hungarians in Wisconsin
Hunt, W. Ben 1888 1970
Hunt, Walter Henry 1868 - 1942
Hunter, Jeffrey 1926 - 1969
Hunter, Town of, Sawyer Co.
Hunting, Shawano Co.
Huntington, St. Croix Co.
Hurley [origin of place name]
Hurley, Iron Co.
Hurley, Michael Angelo 1840 - 1917
Hurleytown [origin of place name]
Huron, Chippewa Co.
Hurricane, Election precinct of, Grant Co.
Hurricane, Grant Co.
Husher, Racine Co.
Husting, Paul Oscar Adolph 1866 - 1917
Hustisford, Dodge Co.
Hustisford, Town of, Dodge Co.
Hustisford, Village of, Dodge Co.
Hustler, Juneau Co.
Hustler, Village of, Juneau Co.
Hutchins, Frank Avery 1851 - 1914
Hutchins, Town of, Shawano Co.
Hutchinson, Town of, Shawano Co.
Hutchison, David E. 1943
Hutnik, Willis J. 1915
Hutter, William Herman 1875 - 1951
Hyde, Iowa Co.
Hyer, George 1819 - 1872

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