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Term: Cottage Inn, Lafayette Co.

Definition: A 19th-century village that had all but vanished by the late 20th century. It was located "north of Belmont, Wisconsin, on Highway 151. It had a post office and a store which the settlers patronized for their supplies;.. a church, school and several dwellings. About one-half mile to the east was the Stage Route Hotel. It is still standing today [1980] and is used for a family dwelling. North of the hotel there was a cheese factory. A couple remaining grave stones that was once Cottage Inn Cemetery can still be seen, north on Highway 151. Most of the stones are now gone or deteriorated."

[Source: Knebel, Melva and Linda Fine. In the Shadows of the Mines: the Village of Rewey, Wisconsin, 1880-1980 and southern part of town of Mifflin ([Dodgeville, Wis.]: Dodgeville Chronicle, 1980) ]

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