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Term: Kostuck, John T. 1892

Definition: (Dem.), born Stevens Point Oct. 7, 1892. Leaving school at end of 3rd grade, he worked on a farm. At age of 14 when assisting in blasting stone, met with accident which made him blind. Entered Wisconsin State School for the Blind and after 10 years graduated from high school department in 1918. Then attended University of Wisconsin, specializing in political science and economics. Taught 3 years in high school department of School for the Blind at Staunton, Virginia; then entered piano business at Stevens Point. Salesman and piano tuner. In 1958 named Wisconsin Handicapped Man of the Year, by the Governor's Committee on the Employment of the Physically Handicapped. Serving 15th consecutive term in assembly. Home Address: 130 Algoma St., Stevens Point. (Blue Book 1960)

[Source: Blue book]

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Kostuck, John T. 1892

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