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Term: Eschweiler, Franz Chadbourne 1863 - 1929


lawyer, judge, professor, b. Houghton, Mich., brother of Alexander C. Eschweiler (q.v.). He attended the State Univ. of Iowa (1881-1883) and the Univ. of Michigan (1885-1886). He studied law, was admitted to the Wisconsin bar in 1889, and set up a practice in Milwaukee. In 1910 he was elected judge of the 2nd circuit and held that office from 1911 to 1916. In 1916 he was appointed to fill a vacancy on the state supreme court, was twice elected to a regular term, and served on the high court bench from 1916 to 1929. As a jurist, he was known for his dissenting opinions, and strongly opposed the prevailing drift toward delegating greater power to state commissions. He was professor of law at Marquette Univ. (1909-1929), was a member of numerous professional and civic organizations, and served as president of the Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology (1914). Wis. Reports, 204 (1932), pp. xxxviii-liv; Who's Who in Amer., 15 (1928); Wis. Blue Book (1929); Milwaukee Journal, Nov. 15, 1929.

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[Source: Blue book]

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Art Deco (architecture)
Eschweiler, Alexander Chadbourne 1865 - 1940
Eschweiler, Franz Chadbourne 1863 - 1929

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