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Term: 1998 Wisconsin Assembly Sesquicentennial Marker (Historic Marker Erected 1998)


First Capitol State Park, Hwy. G, 4 mi. NW of Belmont, Lafayette County

On January 14, 1998, the Wisconsin Assembly met at the First Capitol in Belmont in honor of the Sesquicentennial of Statehood. The Territorial Legislature held its first session here in 1836, and convened for two more sessions in what is now Burlington, Iowa, during 1837 and 1838. In November of 1838, the legislature moved to Madison, where subsequent sessions have been held. Members of the 1998 Assembly include:
SPEAKER Scott K Jensen
CHIEF CLERK Charles R. Sanders
John H. Ainsworth
Suzanne Jeskewltz
Cloyd A. Porter
Sheryl Albers
DuWayne G. Johnsnid
Rosemary Potter
Tammy Baldwin
Dean R. Kaufert
Mike Powers
James R. Baumgart
Neal J. Kedzie
Marty Reynolds
Spencer Black
Carol Kelso
Antonio R. Riley
Peter E. Bock
Judith Klusman
Judy Biros Robson
Frank Boyle
Rob Kreibich
John J. Ryha
David A. Brandemuehl
James E. Kreuser
Chuck Schafer
Tim Carpenter
Shirley Krug
Marlin D. Schneider
G. Spencer Coggs
Peggy Krusick
Lorraine M. Seratti
David A. Cullen
Walter J. Kunicki
Rick Skindrud
John P. Dobyns
John La Fave
Thomas J. Springer
Robert M. Dueholm
Bonnie L. Ladwig
Anthony J. Staskunas
Marc C. Duff
Frank G. Lasee
John P. Steinbrink
Steven M. Foti
Mary A. Lazich
Tom Sykora
John G. Gard
John W. Lehman
David M. Travis
Robert G. Goetsch
Michael A. Lehman
Robert L. Turner
Mark A. Green
Barbara J. Linton
Gregg Underheim
Barbara Gronemus
William D. Lorge
Frank H. Urban
Glenn Grothman
Mark Meyer
William N. Vander Loop
Scott L. Gunderson
Johnnie Morris-Tatum
Daniel P.Vrakas
Eugene Hahn
William M. Murat
Scott K. Walker
Joseph W. Handrick
Terry M. Musser
David W. Ward
Doris I. Hanson
Stephen L. Nass
Sheldon A. Wasserman
Sheila E. Harsdorf
Barbara Notestein
Steve Wieckert
Donald W. Hasenohrl
Luther S. Olsen
A. Polly Williams
Tom Hebl
Alvin R. Ott Jr.
Wayne W. Wood
Timothy T. Hoven
Clifford Otte
Leon D. Young
Gregory B. Huber
Thomas D. Ourada
Rebecca Young
Mary Hubler
Carol Owens
Bob Ziegelbauer
Michael D. Huebsch
Jeffrey T. Plale
Robert K. Zukowski
David E. Hutchison
Joe Plouff

[Source: Source: McBride, Sarah Davis. History Just Ahead (Madison:WHS, 1999).]

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