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Term: Krumrey, Henry 1852 - 1922


farmer, politician, cheese co-operative organizer, b. Plymouth. He engaged in dairy farming near Plymouth, Sheboygan County, for most of his life. A Republican, he held local political offices and was state assemblyman (1901-1902). He aligned himself with the Progressive faction of the party and became a friend and supporter of Robert M. La Follette, Sr. (q.v.). He was state senator (1909-1912), was chairman of the Republican state central committee in 1910, and was three times a delegate to Republican national conventions. An advocate of co-operative marketing associations to handle farm products, he was an organizer of the Sheboygan County Cheese Producers' Association, and in 1913 founded the Wisconsin Cheese Federation, serving as its president (1913-1922). Wis. Blue Book (1911); C. Zillier, ed., Hist. of Sheboygan Co. (2 vols., Chicago, 1912); R. S. Maxwell, La Follette and the Rise of the Progressives . . . [Madison, 1956]; Milwaukee Journal, Jan. 14, 1922.

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[Source: Blue book]
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