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Term: Lynde, William Pitt 1817 - 1885


lawyer, politician, Congressman, b. Sherburne, N.Y. He graduated from Yale College (1838) and Harvard Law School (1841). He was admitted to the bar and moved to Milwaukee in the same year. A law partnership formed in 1842 with Asahel Finch, Jr. (q.v.), was expanded in 1857 to include H. M. Finch and B. K. Miller; at the time of Lynde's death, this was the city's oldest law firm. Lynde was a specialist in commercial and admiralty law. A Democrat, he served as attorney general of Wisconsin Territory (1845), U.S. district attorney for Wisconsin Territory (1846-1848), and U.S. Congressman (1848-1849). Lynde was mayor of Milwaukee (1860-1861), served in the state Assembly (1866), and the Senate (1869-1870). Again elected to Congress, he served from 1875 to 1879. He was one of the managers of the Belknap impeachment trial. Biog. Dir. Amer. Cong. (1928); Wis. Reports, 66 (1886), pp. xxix-xxxviii; J. R. Berryman, ed., Bench and Bar of Wis. (2 vols., Chicago, 1898); Milwaukee Sentinel, Dec. 19, 1885.

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[Source: Dictionary of Wisconsin biography]
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