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Term: Mack, John Givan Davis 1867 - 1924


engineer, professor, b. Terre Haute, Ind. He graduated from Rose Polytechnic Institute, Ind. (B.S., 1887), Cornell Univ. (M.E., 1888), and worked as a practicing engineer for several years. In 1893 he came to the Univ. of Wisconsin, where he served as instructor in engineering (1893-1895), assistant professor of machine design (1895-1903), and professor (1903-1915). Mack was chief of the mechanical department of the state railroad commission (1905-1912), and in this capacity made the first valuation of the rolling stock and mechanical equipment of Wisconsin railroads. From 1915 until his death he served as state chief engineer in charge of all engineering and architectural work for the state. He also served on the Minnesota-Wisconsin Boundary Commission, the Wisconsin Deep Water-ways Commission, and the National Rivers and Harbors Congress. During World War I he was vice-chairman and engineering representative of the Wisconsin State Council of Defense (1917-1919). Who's Who in Amer., 13 (1924); Madison Capital Times, Feb. 25, 1924; Amer. Biog. Cyclopedia, (1926).

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