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Term: Vandewalker, Nina Catherine 1857 - 1934

Definition: teacher, educator, b. Kalamazoo, Mich. She attended Olivet College in Michigan, and graduated from Michigan State Normal School (B. of Ped., 1891). In 1892 she moved to Wisconsin to become an instructor at the Whitewater State Normal School, and in 1897 she became a member of the faculty of the Milwaukee State Normal School, serving in various capacities with that school for 23 years. In 1920 she left Wisconsin to serve as kindergarten specialist for the federal office of education in Washington, D.C. She returned to Milwaukee Normal in 1926, but retired from active teaching in 1927 and moved to Detroit, Mich., where she died. An authority on kindergarten education, Miss Vandewalker was the author of The Kindergarten in American Education (1907). School Life, 20, (Jan. 1935); Milwaukee Sentinel, Nov. 24, 1934.

[Source: Dictionary of Wisconsin biography]
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