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Term: Van Meter, Abraham Chenoweth ["Abe C."] 1842 - 1899

Definition: newspaperman, b. Newark, Kendall County, Ill. He moved with his parents to Wisconsin in 1852, settling in Hudson, where he learned the printing trade. During the Civil War, he served with the 30th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry (1862-1865), and, returning to Wisconsin following the war, worked as a printer on the La Crosse Republican (1865-1866). In 1866 he moved to New Richmond, where in 1869 he founded the New Richmond St. Croix Republican, serving as its editor and publisher until his death. When Van Meter died in 1899, the newspaper was consolidated with the Voice, as the New Richmond Republican Voice, published by his son, Charles H. Van Meter, and E. J. Scott. In 1900 another son, FRANC A. R. VAN METER, b. New Richmond, purchased Scott's interest, and served as editor of the newspaper until 1907. In 1908 the paper was restyled the New Richmond News and Republican Voice, published by the Van Meter-Welch Printing Co., with Franc Van Meter serving as president of the company and F. M. Welch as newspaper editor. In 1917 Franc Van Meter became sole proprietor of the newspaper, and was its editor and publisher until his death in 1942. After 1924 the paper was styled the New Richmond News. A Republican, Franc Van Meter was postmaster of New Richmond (1900-1910). New Richmond St. Croix Republican, Jan. 26, 1899; Hudson Star-Observer, July 16, 1942; New Richmond News, July 10, 15, 1942.

[Source: Dictionary of Wisconsin biography]
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