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Term: Wilson, Alexander 1833 - 1888

Definition: lawyer, banker, politician, b. Westfield, N.Y. He graduated from Union College, Schenectady, N.Y. (1854), moved to Dubuque, Iowa, where he studied law, and was admitted to the bar. In 1855 he moved to Wisconsin, settling in Mineral Point where he taught school, practiced law, and in the 1860's served as district attorney for Iowa County and as superintendent of schools. He was appointed county judge in 1867, serving until 1869. In 1874, with Edward Harris, he established a private banking business, which later developed into the City Bank of Mineral Point. A Republican, Wilson was elected attorney general in 1877, and served two terms (Jan. 1878-Jan. 1882). In 1882 he retired to the private practice of law in Mineral Point. P. M. Reed, Bench and Bar of Wis. (Milwaukee, 1882); 'Wis. Blue Book (1881); Mineral Point Tribune, Mar. 8, 1888; WPA MS.

[Source: Blue book]

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