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Term: Pound, Thaddeus Coleman 1833 - 1914


lumberman, politician, Congressman, b. Warren County, Pa. He moved to Wisconsin with his parents in 1847, settling in Rock County. He spent the years from 1850 to 1856 studying and teaching school in New York state, and in 1856 returned to Wisconsin, settling in Chippewa Falls. There he worked for a time as an accountant in a lumber firm and later entered the lumber business himself. Eventually, he became one of the most important lumbermen in the area, and in the 1870's, with Orrin Ingram (q.v.) and others, was a leader in the economic battle against the growing power of Frederick Weyerhaeuser (q.v.). A Republican, he was state assemblyman (1864, 1866, 1867, 1869), and was lieutenant governor (1870-1872). In 1876 he was elected to Congress, was twice re-elected, and served from Mar., 1877, to Mar., 1883. In 1883 he returned to Chippewa Falls, where he was active in various business enterprises until his death. Biog. Dir. Amer. Cong. (1928); Wis. Blue Book (1880); A. M. Thomson, Political Hist. of Wis. (Milwaukee, 1900); R. F. Fries, Empire in Pine (Madison, 1951); Milwaukee Journal, Nov. 21, 1914.

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[Source: Blue book]
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