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Term: Davis, Glenn R. 1914 - 1988


(Rep.): Born in town of Vernon, Waukesha county, Oct. 28, 1914; married; 5 children. Graduate Muckwonago high school; B.Ed. UW-Platteville 1934; J.D. UW-Madison 1941. Former attorney in Waukesha; teacher in Cottage Grove and Waupun high schools 4 years. World War II veteran; served in navy 1942-45. Chosen one of Ten Outstanding Young Men of America by National Jaycees 1948; delegate to 1956, 1960, 1968 and 1972 Republican national conventions; mbr. Land O'Lakes Old Timers Assn. (din); county bar assn. (past pres.); Waukesha Kiwanis (past pres. and district corn. chm.). Member Wisconsin assembly 1941; court commissioner, Waukesha circuit court 1957-64. Elected to Congress in a special April 1947 election; reelected 1948-54 and 1964-72. Committee assignments: 93rd congress -- appropriations. Home: 3790 South Center Road, Waukesha. (Blue Book 1973) . Rep. Davis died September 22, 1988.

The Wisconsin Historical Society has manuscripts related to this topic. See the catalog description of the†Glenn†Robert Davis Papers†for details.

[Source: Blue book; correspondence Oct. 2008 from his son, J. Mac Davis.]
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