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Dictionary of Wisconsin History

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Term: Benson, Taylor

Definition: (Dem.), born Milwaukee. Educ. Milw. elem. school and Metropolitan High Sch., Los Angeles ; A.B. Univ. of Notre Dame 1955. Public relations consultant; formerly reporter-writer. Veteran of World War II, Korean War; served in Air Force. Mbr. Air Force Assn., Reserve Officers Assn., Army-Navy Union, Sons of the Amer. Revolution, Christian Family Movement, Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Milw. Press Club, Caledonia Bus, and Prof. Men's Assn. Elected to Senate 1964. Assistant Minority Leader. Mbr. Sen. Agriculture Com., Highways Com. and jt. interim Com.; served on Sen. Judiciary Com. 1965, World's Fair Participation Comm., Reorganization Com., Jt. Study Com, on Civil Service; Dem. Caucus Secretary 1965. Mailing ad-dress: 6729 Highway 38, Franksville 53126. 28th Senatorial District: Assembly Districts Milwaukee 23rd, Racine 3rd, Waukesha 4th. (Blue Book 1968)

[Source: Blue book]
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