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Term: Perala, Reino A. 1915

Definition: (Dem.), born Maple, August 28, 1915. Graduated Wisconsin School for Blind, Janesville; attended Superior State College; received B.S. from the University of Wis. 1940, LL.B. in 1943. Practicing attorney; also operates hotel in Superior. Served as justice of peace 1943-63. Elected to Assembly 1952; now in 8th term. Member Assembly Conservation Com. and jt. interim Com., Enrolled Bills Com.; Wis.-Minn. Boundary Area Comm. Legis. Adv. Com. served as chairman Assembly Taxation Com. (also in 1959) and member Assembly Conservation Cam., Transportation Com. 1965, Joint Survey Com. on Tax Exemptions, Legis. Council and its Taxation Commit-tee in 1965-67; has also served on Interstate Ports Commission, Transportation Com. (vice-chm.), Legis. Council Judiciary Committee. Mailing address: 824 N. 22nd St., Superior 54880. (Blue Book 1968)

[Source: Blue book]

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Perala, Reino A. 1915

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