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Term: Riehle, Ben A. 1897


(Dem.), born in Marathon Co., Town of Rietbrock, May 15, 1897. Completed 8th grade. Lifelong dairy farmer; logger; secy.-treas. co-op. milk plant; vice pres. cheese producers co-op.; pres. creamery assn. district; secy. co-op. livestock ship-ping assn.; mbr. union co- op. board, beef producers co-op., transport co-op. World War I veteran; Army motor transp. 1918-19. School board treas. 1925-40; county board 1941-42; chm. local soil conserv. Com. 1936-39. Elected to Assembly 1954; now in 7th term. Member Assembly Public Welfare Com. and jt. interim Com., Taxation Com., Joint Com. to Visit State Properties; served 3 terms on Joint Corn on Finance, chm. Assembly Printing Com. 1965; mbr. Legis. Council Local Government Com. 1966-67; mbr. Comm. on Interstate Co-op. 1965-67, 1959. Deceased, Nov. 27, 1967. Mailing ad-dress was: Rt. 3, Athens 54411. Marathon County, 1st District: Marathon County except those towns, villages and cities which are in the 2nd district. (Blue Book 1968)

The Wisconsin Historical Society has manuscripts related to this topic. See the catalog description of the Ben A. Riehle Papers for details.

[Source: Blue book]
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