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Term: Bach, Christopher 1835 - 1927


musician, b. Niederhone, Prussia. He came to Milwaukee in 1855, and became a musical leader of Milwaukee's German element. Bach's band, organized in 1855, added gaiety to German gatherings for many years. Bach gave concerts in Schlitz Park, the West Side Turner Hall, and in public beer gardens; the Bach orchestra played in the Pabst Theater and the Milwaukee Music Hall, performing music in the German romantic tradition, and acquainting Midwesterners with Beethoven, Schubert, and Wagner. Bach's fame spread and he conducted orchestras at expositions in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Chicago; in 1890 he took his orchestra, then over 70 pieces, to the New Orleans Exposition. He composed over a hundred marches, overtures, and concertos, and three comic operas. In 1907 HUGO BACH succeeded his father and became director of the Bach orchestra and military band. A cellist and one-time member of the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, he also directed both the first Park Board Band in 1912, and the El Wakodis Temple Band, which won international con-tests. Hugo Bach taught cello at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music (1911-1935), and in 1937 was conductor of the WPA-sponsored Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra. H. L. Conard, ed., Hist. of Milwaukee (3 vols., Chicago, [1896]); Milwaukee Journal, Jan. 27, 1927; Milwaukee Evening Post, July 6, 1939; WPA field notes.

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