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Term: Carter, Homer Wright 1847 - 1933


Congregational clergyman, b. Tallmadge, Ohio. He graduated from Oberlin College (1870) and then taught for several years in the South. In 1876 he graduated from Andover Theological Seminary and was ordained in the Congregational ministry. He was pastor at Selma, Ala. (1876-1877). In 1877 he moved to Wisconsin and was pastor at Ripon for six months (1877-1878). He was pastor at Brandon (1878- 1886), and at Platteville (1886-1892). In 1892 he became secretary of the Wisconsin Congregational Home Missionary Society, serving in this capacity until 1909, and continuing after its reorganization as secretary of the Department of Home Missions of the Wisconsin Congregational Conference (1909--1917). Retiring from active duty in 1917, he served as registrar and pastor-at-large until 1928 and as missionary superintendent emeritus (1928-1933). F. N. Dexter, comp., 100 Years of Cong. Hist. in Wis. ([Fond du Lac] 1933); Yearbook Cong. and Christian Churches, 1933 (New York [19341).

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Carter, Homer Wright 1847 - 1933
Fond du Lac [brief history]
Tallmadge, Nathaniel Pitcher 1795 - 1864

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