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Term: Cadle, Richard Fish 1796 - 1857


Episcopal clergyman, missionary, b. New York City. He graduated from Columbia College (B.A., 1813; M.A., 1816). Ordained a deacon in 1816, he served churches in New York and New Jersey and was a missionary in Detroit. In 1829 he moved to Green Bay where he helped establish an Episcopal mission school and acted as chaplain of Ft. Howard and rector of Trinity parish. He later helped found parishes in Prairie du Chien, Mineral Point, Elkhorn, and Whitewater. From 1841 to 1842 he was superintendent of the mission at Waukesha, out of which grew Nashotah House. After serving as chaplain of the territorial legislature (1843-1844), he returned to New York. H. E. Wagner, Episcopal Church in Wis. ([Waterloo, Wis.] 1947); J. Kemper Papers; H. Greene, R. F. Cadle (Waukesha, 1936); Wis. Mag. Hist., 8, 16; WPA MS.

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[Source: Dictionary of Wisconsin biography]

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Cadle, Richard Fish 1796 - 1857
Episcopals in Wisconsin
Suydam, John Voorhees 1810 - 1885

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