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Term: Olson, Russell A. 1924

Definition: (Rep.): Born Chicago, Feb. 19, 1924; married; 4 children. Educated Chicago public school; attended Univ. of Illinois 2 years. Farmer (beef). Veteran of World War II; served in Marine Corps 1942-46. Treasurer Kenosha County Fair Assn.; member Farm Bureau, American Legion, V.F.W., Wis. Cattlemen's Assn., Twin Lakes Businessmen's Assn., Eagles. Elected to Assembly 1960, 1962, 1966, 1968, 1972, 1974 and 1976. Biennial committee assignments: 1977 - Agriculture; Insurance and Banking (also 1975, 1973 and 1961); Small Business. 1975 - Labor (also 1973, 1961); Transportation (also 1973); Board on Government Operations (also 1969, 1967). 1969 - Jt. Com. on Finance (also 1967); Legislative Programs Study Corn. (chp. 1967). 1963 - Commerce and Manufactures; State Affairs; Legislative Council's UW Medical Center Com. (secy.). 1961 - Building Commmission. Elected lieutenant governor 1978. Mailing address (office): Room 22 East, State Capitol, Madison 53702. (Blue Book 1981-82)

[Source: Blue book]
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