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Term: Lourigan, Joseph 1901

Definition: (Dem.), Born Kenosha, March 19, 1901; married. Graduated Kenosha public schools and Kenosha Business College. Retired auto worker. Served as secretary of auto workers local 1943-44 and president 1945-47. Elected to city council 3 times - 1947, 1949, 1954. Assemblyman 1951, 1953, 1955. Served on Assembly Labor Com., Taxation Com. and Engrossed Bills Com. Elected to Senate 1964 and 1968. Biennial committee assignments: 1971 - Governmental and Veterans' Affairs (also 1969 alt. mbr.); Commerce, Labor, Taxation, Insurance and Banking (also 1969 and jt. interim Com., 1967, 1965); Jt. Com. on Revisions, Repeals and Uniform Laws (also 1969, 1967); Legis. Council's Insurance Laws Revision Com.; Emergency Government Council (also 1969). 1969 - Legis. Council's Adv. Com. on Inheritance and Gift Tax Study (secy.). 1967 - Civil Defense Council. 1965 - Legis. Council's Labor Com. Mailing address: 3604-19th Avenue, Kenosha 53140. 22nd Senatorial District: Assembly District Kenosha 1st, Kenosha 2nd. (Blue Book 1971)

[Source: Blue book]

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Lourigan, Joseph 1901

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